Why Konrad Tomaszkiewicz is Wrong About Skyrim Being Generic

OnlySP: In a recent interview, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz uttered the most jimmy rustling sentence that I’ve ever heard spoken in regards to gaming. “Skyrim is generic.” The game director for the upcoming third installment of The Witcher series also claims that there is zero immersion into the world. Non player characters don’t respond the hero’s achievements and the quests in general were reused and fell into a repetitive rut.

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr32005d ago

When I read the statement the person made, I just thought pot meet kettle, lol.

Bigpappy2005d ago

There is absolutely no need for him to go there. Bethesda, Love them or hate them, build the most detailed and believable worlds in gaming. I look forward to playing Konrad's game, but it really better be as good as he is trying to sell it as. If his game turns out to fail at being this great open world game, his credibility is at serious risk. I am really hoping it is as good as they are saying, because Witcher 2 was enjoyable and would have been great if it were in a truly open environment.

DragonKnight2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

You can't say that Skyrim, as a whole, is generic because it's not. Not unless you want to credit Bethesda and the entire Elder Scrolls Series as being single-handedly responsible for creating the open-world Western RPG, and they aren't. You can say that PARTS of Skyrim are generic, but not the whole.

That being said, Konrad was right about character interaction, and the author of this piece obviously either didn't beat Skyrim or conclude the civil war for either side or else the author would have seen that there is no acknowledgement of either act upon completion of them. Defeating Alduin seemingly never happened according to the people of Skyrim, and the Civil War is still ongoing if you talk to them after winning for either side. The people only acknowledge small events such as allying with the Thieve's Guild, and will acknowledge you as a friend if you help them, but the largest and most important things remain unacknowledged as though they never occurred. That is a HUGE problem.

Mainsqueeze2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

I'm a huge Skyrim fan(second favorite game behind Morrowind)and i completely agree with what you and Konrad said. What this guy said in the interview is completely valid.

Skyrims strong points are in its huge open world, amazing character customization, and mountain size loads of content, not in how your decisions effect the world or super memorable characters.

The designers at Bethesda should def look at what this guy said and see how the Witcher 3 turns out and learn from both studios successes and mistakes just like CD projekt did by learning from Skyrim. Video game development is a process of evolution more than revolution these days.

SP3333D-O2005d ago

It is hard to argue that Skyrim is generic when, unlike most games, it was able to drag so many people, myself included, in for an insane number of hours. I will be ecstatic if TW3 ends up putting it to shame by comparison, because it will have to be incredibly good to do so.

Godmars2902005d ago

Just because you or many people like something does not make it non-generic. COD is proof of that.

Linsolv2005d ago

My approximate experience with Skyrim, in miniature:

Off chasing a deer for 2-3 miles; decide to do a quest.

Talk to quest giver. "Go to a dungeon," he says. Get there.

It's a draugr dungeon again.

Nope, not generic. All the draugr dungeons totally aren't the same. >_>

aliengmr2005d ago

I thought that myself until I visited this Dwemer ruin. I forget the name, but it exits at Stony Creek cave or something.

Here I am thinking just another ruin, well it really didn't turnout like I expected. Not going to spoil it, but it was a little experience that made damn sure I wouldn't forget why I love Skyrim.

There are very few games I can play over and over. But Skyrim still managed to surprise me after 100 hrs.

cleft52005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

I have played over 150 hours of Skyrim. It is insanely generic and boring without mods. With mods Skyrim is the most amazing game ever made. Guess what... I am on the console and the game is generic and boring as hell. I have played the Witcher 2 on 360, it's a rich world that treats me like the adult that I am. He isn't wrong about Skyrim at all.

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