4 Reasons Why Crysis 3's Campaign Is Only 5 Hours Long

CD-Action Mag indicated that the Crysis 3 campaign is only 5 hours long – with side missions and here are 4 reasons why that might be the case.

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mochachino1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Am I the only person that thinks most new release games for my PS3/360 seem like last-gen games and aren't worth $60.

I can't bring myself to pay full price for 99% of new release games anymore, the systems are pushed to far and the graphics are either too blurry, choppy, screen tearing etc.

Although I think GTA6, Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite may be exceptions (largely due to wealth of content or innovative experiences). Most games however, just aren't impressive enough to warrant AAA prices. They're last gen games to me. It's like paying $60 for a PS2 remake.

AznGaara1979d ago

Which is why I'm glad Sly was brought down to $40. Maybe it's a new pricing structure Sony's doing with lesser 1st party games but I'd like to see this adapted with other publishers.

I'm definitely getting Crysis 3 though after it drops to $20. I don't feel like paying $60 for a game I'm only interested in playing single player for.

Gaming1011979d ago

Seriously, if this is a measly 5 hour game on normal difficulty I'm not buying it. Hunter mode is a cheap distraction. If they can't create a single player that last's more than 10 hours, considering it's more open world than Crysis 2, you would've thought they could include more.

This is starting to look like a stupid tech demo. Multiplayer was garbage. Hunter mode was a distraction; something that loses all its novelty after not very long. Plus with cloak suit it's practically a camper's dream. Now you have people sitting and waiting while being invisible so you have no chance of not getting killed by them. If you have a PC this game's only redeeming factor is that it's really good looking provided you were nerdy enough to spend 2 grand on your PC to make Crysis 3 run on ultra high settings.

jimbobwahey1978d ago


Bingo. There's a reason that PC elitists only ever talk about the graphics of Crysis and never the gameplay, it's because the games are rubbish.

The only reason they buy these games is because there's literally nothing else out there that makes use of their ridiculously overpriced graphics cards, and Crytek only pushes these games out to flog their Cryengine to an industry that has no interest since there are vastly superior engines already being used out there.

Cam9771979d ago

I'm exactly the same. I haven't bought a full price game in months, in fact, the last full priced game I bought was Ratchet and Clank's HD TRILOGY on PS3 last week for £24. Those are last gen games! Even they weren't £40.

TheXgamerLive1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

sadly. many fps games are MP based so now they put so little in the SP campaign and thats sad bc i love the sp more than most mp. CooP is hella fun though.

If your into the crisis style then id guess youll love this C3.
personally, Id love to see a 60 hr. campaign with no mp in a open game like this. That id pay 60 dollars for. Im tired of so many mp games.
Hell they've even did a horrible thing and stick it in Tomb Raider.

GROTSTOMPA1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Many, many, many, many game developers have proven this theory otherwise a thousand times over... you can do both with decent strategy perfectly fine, SP/MP providing you know how to balance the multiplayer aspects of course which tends to take experience.
Not a company out there has the excuse of having "problems devoting resources" to one side or the other in a MP/SP game... They already know their budgets, therefore no excuse. They can clearly do BOTH equally as it's been shown before many times.. therefore I (sometimes) blame the garbage developers *BUT* more than likely it's the publisher pushing the developers too hard to CASH IN on the gaming community in the cheapest way possible by splitting a "too small of a budget", or a "CHEAP" publisher budget between SP/MP instead of doing the most logical thing and making the community happy as well as cashing in.
I wrote an article over a year ago saying this is Cryteks last chance to fix their Crysis series with their fans (after Crysis 2 travesty)... everyone kindly agreed, well... this is it. GG Crytek... this is a fail.

(Bottom line, literally. If you can't split a decent enough budget -knowingly ahead of time- in order to make both SP/MP then do one or the other.. so simple). Crytek is HUGE, no excuse.

Pandamobile1979d ago

Five hours for one reviewer isn't indicative that it will be 5 hours for everyone. It's probably 6-8 for a normal player, maybe 8+ if you're the kind of person who likes top stop and smell the flowers and just enjoy the scenery (which is something you should always do in a Crysis game)

BLow1979d ago

Yes and I'm one of those people. I like to take my time and not rush through the game. Especially, if there is stuff to collect then I try to search every nook and cranny. Even then, I still miss stuff and have to go through it again for the trophies of course...haha. I really don't see the point in rushing through games because you can miss stuff and are not getting the full experience the developer envisioned. I just like to take my time and just take everything in and feel like I got my money's worth.
Unfortunately, I'm on a budget and won't pick this up on launch so I'll definitely feel like I got my money's worth when it's cheaper. That's a win in my book.

joab7771979d ago

I dont rush either but this is absurd. Am i the only one that feels crysis 3 was kinda rushed to get out before gen cycle ended. It actually looks alot like what crysis 2 should have and at 5 hrs and limited improvemwnts other than polish and pc upgrade is more like an expansion.

Honestly i wish games like crysis, cod,battlefield would just do multiplayer. Sell it for $60 with 2x as many maps...put the effort there. Or go free to play for multiplayer with big updates. If u wanna tell another story, sell it for $25 and whoever wants it can buy it.

The model is changing completely. The market is saturated and gamers just wont shell out $60 anymore for 5 hr campaigns. I cant wait to see the numbers on DS3, Aliens, Crysis 3 and metal gear rising. Personalky, i think MGR will do the best because it is different but i dont think these games will sell like they once did.

Mrmagnumman3571977d ago

Crysis' main component has always been the SP. The campaign isn't 5 hours, multiple people on Crydev confirmed the length to be 7-8 hours. On a higher difficulty, without rushing, 10 hours sounds reasonable.

Bathyj1979d ago

Yeah, I call BS on this.

5 hours on a speed run, maybe. But is that the way you should play a game? Especially a game like Crysis which has such a heavy stealth element. And like you said, eye candy.

I'll bet this game takes over ten hours for me.

Somebody1979d ago

It took me 2 years to finish Darksiders. Played it non stop until I felt I'm around 3/4 of the campaign and then I stopped. Then just a couple month before Darksiders 2 came out I replayed the first one and actually finished it.

The pattern is repeating itself with Darksiders 2 now.

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Gr811979d ago

Multiplayer is a top priority for many of these types of games, but that shouldn't mean the single player aspect takes a back seat...Especially if the single player campaigns are 5 hrs long?

And they want $60? shiiiiiit.

Skate-AK1979d ago

I don't think it will be 5 hours. I just don't see them cutting down 17-18 hours down to 5. Including side missions.

Reborn1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Yeah, me and my friends want to grab this. However, we can't justify the price. Games are too expensive to just simply go out and buy for the sake of it.

MP is a huge aspect, but quality should be applied across all sectors. On the other hand, everyone plays games differently. So I would use that as an average, rather than an accurate means of measurement.

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