Lara Croft could have possibly been in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Crystal Dynamics' Global Brand Director, Karl Stewart, recently did a question and answer session where he discusses various things about Lara Croft. Importantly enough, SuperBot had approached Crystal Dynamics about putting their character in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

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RmanX10001926d ago

Something tells me she'd be to Nathan what Nariko is to Kratos... Either way itd be a nice addition via DLC.

Root1926d ago

Yet instead of that...which fans went on about for YEARS...Nariko vs Kratos they ignored us and put Nario against Dante.

This would of been a better fit, same goes with Lara and Drake.

Why is it now where hearing developers stating "Oh he/she could of been in All Stars" yet Omar said there was no chance of these being in the game.

I think they lied in my opinion. I think they could of got Classic Dante for example but chose new Dante because they would of gotten money given to them instead

KingKelloggTheWH1926d ago

They needed legendary characters like her.

Not having people like Snake,and Cloud Strife is what messed the game up.But instead we got some stupid cat >:\

Don't get me wrong I love the game it just needed a way bigger roster.

Megaton1926d ago

They don't have Snake or Cloud in that game? Yeesh.

ANIALATOR1361926d ago

Solid Snake should have been in day one. Its the main reason I haven't bought the game yet

r211926d ago

Hey, Toro is the mascot for Sony Japan! I do agree however that Snake should have been in the game. Maybe we'll get Snake from Ground Zeroes instead, seeing as Nintendo nabbed Solid Snake.

KingKelloggTheWH1925d ago

I would love to see Ground Zeros snake in there,but most of all I would love to see some Final Fantasy represented.

krazykombatant1926d ago

You do know where snake is in right?? In Super Smash.

Ultr1926d ago

I remember some guy at crystalD tweeting something pretty rude when Superbot approached them.
This is a stupid answer.
Dante is awesome in PSABR, also I think a lot people bought DMC because they felt dante was awesome.

Skate-AK1926d ago

Yeah right. Coming from the person that said this...

supremacy1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Thats why ive always said Sony would be smart to promote their own franchises instead of pushing someone elses.

Sony still has quite a few characters they could bring to this game, i believe people want to see older generation based characters rather those of new multiplatform games. I know lara has been iconic since the 1st playstation, but even so with reactions like this is not even worth looking to it.

Like i said, Sony still has quite a few characters they could bring to this game; characters like...

Gabe logan- syphon filter
Jennifer tate-primal
Dart felt-The legend of dragoons
Nathan hale-Resistace
Leonard-White knight chronicles
Lil and laarg- escape plan
Mark hammon-getaway
Toan-dark cloud
Rudy knightrough-wild arms
Minamoto yoshitsune-genji

And they have soul sacrafice coming out later in the year; god knows how cool this characters moves would be. If done right.

matgrowcott1926d ago

You know, the first time I ready that tweet I read it as "Yeah, no." I'm glad you reposted it, because it's actually far more mild than I thought.

I thought it was a genuinely rude comment on what they thought was a laughable game. Actually it's just a slightly misguided attempt at teasing the audience. Brief stupidity rather than maliciousness.

Hicken1924d ago

No, it's not "slightly misguided." It was an obvious snub. It's not even a joke. You don't joke about something like that unless you're either taking a shot at someone, or you're on good enough terms to do that.

Looking at your other comments here, I don't think you really understand the circumstances surrounding this game(which I just bought, by the way).

Jek_Porkins1926d ago

In my opinion they needed Lara Croft, Crash and Spyro. Even though they aren't exclusive, a lot of people who are long time Sony gamers remembered falling in love with the PlayStation brand while playing those original games on the PS1.

matgrowcott1926d ago

Do you honestly think people would genuinely buy the game for a single character? Even three characters? Even five, including Cloud and Snake?

PlayStation Battle Royale can be had now for less than £20 and it's STILL not selling. It goes deeper than what characters are included.

Jek_Porkins1926d ago

Those 3 plus Snake are the reason I didn't buy it, I did rent it via Gamefly and I think it did a lot right, but was far from perfect. It's just that when you think of Sony's icons fighting each other, I always pictured those four or five...

Baka-akaB1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Of course it does matter , who the hell buy an all stars game , if he feels there stars arent actually in , at least most of them ?

It doesnt really go deeper than who's included and not included . Most account a truly good gameplay , wich only a few (like myself disliked) ... the problems are PR and the choices of characters

Gohadouken1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Really ?

How many people would pick an all stars brawling game that propose you "Donte" instead of the real Dante (or Vergil) ?

How many would pick Raiden over any Snake from MGS ?

Big daddy over say Crash bandicoot ?

Most of the icons from all playstation era are absent from the games saves Kratos , Jake and Daxter ,, Heihachi and a few newcomers .

It would be like making a Jump superstar games without chars from one piece , dbz , saint seiya , naruto and only a few star like D grayman's and death note's heroes .

Or releasing a Smash bros without most of the mario universe save waluigi and less known or more recent chars .

I know it aint the studio's fault , but no matter the reasons for some of the notable folks missing , they are still gone and the game can only bomb except for a few that would care instead for the apparently nice gameplay .

matgrowcott1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

So the defense you're all giving me for the crazy assertion that a lack of a few characters, albeit important characters, made this game a failure is that YOU didn't buy the game because these characters weren't included?

Look, the vast majority of the gaming market don't have a clue what they're buying and don't put the stock in nostalgia like the core do. They probably don't know Crash is missing, don't know that he's not a Sony mascot to BE missing or don't really care that he's not. Cloud not appearing is neither here nor there, the same with Snake and Lara Croft. Cloud and Snake are gaming icons, but not widely known and Lara Croft can't sell her own games these days, let alone a spin-off fighter where she's not even the star.

It would have helped sell the game to a few stragglers who would have bought it for one character pre-owned or 6 months after launch, but if you were invested in the game to the level where you'd shell out full price on launch day, there's a good chance you were doing so regardless of final roster. At most you'd buy with the hope that said characters were added as DLC.

These are characters that would have helped sell to some of the core, but not enough that paying exuberant prices for the rights would have been worth it. If you honestly think those five characters not appearing had something to do with this game not selling MILLIONS of units more than it did, you don't understand the scale of purchases that we're talking about.

EDIT: And just for the sake of stopping going round and round in circles with whoever decides to tell me I'm wrong below, think of it like this:

An average gamer - plays a few hours a week - probably only heard about PLayStation Battle Royale after release with a review in a newspaper or an advert in a game store window. That average gamer is going to see a set of characters he's played as and loved RECENTLY.

Why doesn't that guy buy the game? Why aren't the kids who grew up on Ratchet and Clank's PS3 entries begging their moms to pick it up? Where's the support from fans of each individual franchise?

It's not because Crash isn't in it. The problem runs deeper.

Baka-akaB1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

It's your assessment i find crazy . It's a game about videogames stars and everyone thinks the most important are missing .

So of course it's about that .

" YOU didn't buy the game because these characters weren't included? "

You can CAP all you want . It's one of the main purpose of the game and concept and it aint delivering , at least not enough by most account .

That's like telling someone "seriously you are not going to buy XXX soccer game because XXX team r sar is missing ?"

Well yeah since it's one of the point of those games to deliver those officially or not .

"That average gamer is going to see a set of characters he's played as and loved RECENTLY.

Even by that argument , there are plenty big stars missing not just old icons .

"Cloud and Snake are gaming icons, but not widely known"

Seriously ? OK let's agree as you said to drop it instead of running into circles ..

matgrowcott1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

It is about gaming stars and without exception the characters in the game deserve to be there. What I'm saying is that It isn't about specific gaming stars. If it was, it would have sold better based on what's already there. You've said nothing about why this game would sell significantly more than it did if other characters were included, you've just repeated that more stars would be better.

No ones arguing bud, but we're talking the difference between the 600k units it shifted and the 3 or 4 million it should have done. Do you think Cloud, Snake and Crash would have bridged that gap or are you so used to complaining that you didn't really think it through? The lack of sales runs deeper than "there isn't a character I wanted there to be."

And your football game analogy sucks. People buy them to replicate the leagues as they are and if a team isn't there they can't do that. PS Battle Royale is still the same game regardless of a few missing characters and the point remains: if you were going to buy it day one, full price, one or two characters are unlikely to sway you. That's a lot of money JUST to play as a character you can already play as on Brawl.

And if you think Cloud and Snake (less so Snake, but certainly Cloud) are well known outside of the core, you're kidding yourself. That'll change with the MGS movie, but for now they're a long way from Mario, Master Chief or Lara Croft (of the 90s)

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