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Submitted by stickskills 1092d ago | news

Adam Sessler was fired from G4 without explanation

Plenty of drama surrounded the industry after TV personality Adam Sessler split ways with G4, but little context for the situation was given at the time. Now that the once gamer-focused network has become a men’s channel, Sessler is ready to openly question his abrupt, unexplained firing. (Adam Sessler, Culture, G4, Industry)

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Thantalas  +   1092d ago
Interesting. I don't think he was technically 'fired' for doing something wrong. What has been said so far is that the website/channel was going in a different direction with a reduced importance on games. But Im sure more information will come out.
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user3915800  +   1092d ago
What reason is there? Jeez, you got fired cause the show suck with low rating, nothing personal, just the whole show became lame, it was less of a show on gaming and more about inside drama trying to captivate the audience. What else its there? Well, I like seeing sessler with hes awward ways, but the show was dead with the lack of audience, therefore, we dont need you and you are fired. Thanks for your input, but we are loosing money, good bye.
Army_of_Darkness  +   1092d ago
It's obvious...
Isn't it clear as glass to you all?? the audience wants young, attractive looking people hosting up on stage that can potentially sing and dance!!! DuHHH!
MikeMyers  +   1092d ago
Thantalas, wouldn't they let him go then if they were going in a different direction rather than being fired?

It's too bad, he was one of the few that actually put some thought into what he said.
Reibooi  +   1092d ago
It seems his hangup isn't that he was forced to leave(It was a good thing for him in my opinion) but that they did it and gave no reason for it. I mean we all know the reason and I'm sure Adam does as well. The channel is changing and gaming is gonna be gone and he is a gaming man and they didn't need him. If they had like professionals sat down with him and explained all that I bet he would have been fine with it. But just outright firing him is out of line.

Personally I'm glad he isn't being tied down by G4 anymore. I love the stuff he is doing with Rev3games on youtube and he has been showing up in quite a few other places as well.
chukamachine  +   1092d ago
Unfair dismissal, sounds like you have the grounds sessler. Take em to court.
edgeofsins  +   1091d ago
In the contract they have the rights to fire employees for whatever reason.
SilentNegotiator  +   1091d ago
He was likely one of the higher paid employees and the station was tanking (and decided to move away from game content, of which Sessler was editor).

This =/= rocket science

It was crap of them not to give an explanation, but he can't really claim to not know why he was let go.
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ApolloTheBoss  +   1092d ago
Oh god. *Inhale* *Exhale* I thought it said Adam was fired from Rev3 for a minute. I was about to have a heart attack.
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SnakeCQC  +   1092d ago
lol same he's awesome on rev 3
Darth Stewie  +   1092d ago
Agree Sessler is awesome on Rev3. Did you see him shut down Foxnews.
ApolloTheBoss  +   1092d ago
@Darth Stewie That reminds me. Fox News took down the video from Youtube not too long after it was posted. Lmao I laughed so hard they were mad they got owned. XD
GearSkiN  +   1092d ago
his too cool for g4 anyway the channel went down hill
Reverent  +   1092d ago
God, have you seen the latest episodes of Xplay? They are bigger pieces of crap than Jersey Shore. Blair thinks he's so f**king funny when he's not, and they try to pass up so much time by playing their lame "Xplay Challenge"... God, that show used to be so awesome when Adam was there... Now it's complete garbage.
sashimi  +   1092d ago
Who will tell me that i want Mountain Dew and Doritos now!
Its madness i tell you! madness!
SilentNegotiator  +   1091d ago
That's GameTrailers, not G4.
sdozzo  +   1092d ago
Guy is a creep. Doesn't fit it on Destructoid. He's that old guy.
Dlacy13g  +   1092d ago
And you will be that old guy some day too.
sdozzo  +   1090d ago
I'm never going to get old... I'm never going to get old...
Enigma_2099  +   1092d ago
... so you're only into younger men. That's good to know... I guess.
MEsoJD  +   1092d ago
He's the best one on destructoid(IMO).
Rockefellow  +   1092d ago
The show's ratings were abhorrent and he's a world-class jackass. What other reason do you need? If he worked under me and exemplified his typical ostentatious behavior, I'd gleefully fire him, too.
sdozzo  +   1090d ago
I'm with on this one.
black911  +   1092d ago
You stole my story but thats cool. I'm a Raiders Fan. We always get cheated.
Tonester925  +   1092d ago
I'm from the Bay Area. And the Raiders ONLY win in the preseason lol
InTheLab  +   1092d ago | Well said
He was probably fired for alienating G4's Sony and Nintendo fans. If you watched Xplay, Feedback, or read the feed, you know that the entire staff, minus Jake Gaskill and Eric Eckstein, were raging Xbots. It got really bad around 2009 when all they did was shit on Sony and Nintendo.

This guy blasts KZ2 fanboys for questioning his integrity one year, goes to E32010 and poops on Kinect, then creates an award for it to win a year later...and defends it based on "future potential". payoff there.

In 2011 during the Holiday buyers guide episode, he says he'd rather have Quality over Quantity, meaning, he'd rather have Halo and Forza 4 over all 14 of Sony's exclusives. How many fanboys in the forums have you heard saying that?

This guy was front and center during the PSN hacks talking about why he pays for XBL. And once it came out that there were no fraud cases, he changes his tune and blasts the media for jumping to conclusions.

While talking about Epic Mickey, he says the game would be much better with a 360 controller.

He was the Editor and Chief over at g4 and he simply allowed the staff to turn the Non-xplay content into an Xbox orgy. Hell, dig back to the reviews page and tell me what you see. Watch a few Feedbacks from the last few holidays and tell me he's not a fanboy.

Yeah...he defended the industry and I appreciate that about him. Yes he uses big words in his reviews which shows he at least thinks about what he says...but that does not absolve him from being what he is, which is a massive Xbot...

I've been on that site for almost a decade and have been a member for years and I'm telling you, something happened around 2008-2009 to where the staff seemingly flipped a switch and went from all inclusive, to all Xbox all the time.
Krew_92  +   1092d ago

Well said.
SpiralTear  +   1092d ago
I politely disagree. If you look at Adam's recent Rev3Games videos, he gives a ton of credit to games outside of Microsoft consoles. He said himself on his Top Games of 2012 video that he wanted to put Unfinished Swan on the list, but didn't due to big multiplatform games like Dishonored.

While I'm not necessarily surprised that you say that G4 was filled with Xbox fanboys during 2009 (it is G4 after all), I don't think Adam was one of them.
InTheLab  +   1092d ago
Perhaps it's because he's out of that environment? I haven't been watching any of his Rev3 stuff because he's already turned me off to anything he has to say..but honestly, that has nothing to do with my post as it relates to him being fired from G4.

Now, there's been a few occasions where he's enjoyed PS3 titles. UC2 comes to mind. He also agreed with the perfect score Epic Mickey received. But does that make it ok to trash two consoles for years...simply because you throw them a bone every now and then?

It's like that old fanboy argument. "I have all the console so I'm not a fanboy". Yeah...that's basically the same thing here.
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greenpowerz  +   1092d ago
Yeah they fired him because a handful of overly sensitive ps3 fanboys didn't hear him mention ps3 enough :p (they waited to fire him after many years instead of talking to him about the angry ps3 fanboy outcry lol :/

Has it occurred to you they knew what audience was watching the show (before the cast started acting like kids insulting the viewers intelligence?)

For all we know Adam was trying to find another job on the side and was found out and was retaliated against with G4 knowing he was one of the last faces that made the network and slowing their bleeding before death.

Olivia leaving and being successful effected the network in ways we haven't even thought about.

The network is/was failing because being a nerd/smart was taboo in the 90's and before. G4 was a sanctuary, a place were tv got it and understood them .

Now being smart and knowledgeable and is desired and is now mainstream. Nerds made the masses smarter and the masses made nerds cooler. Today even nerds find themselves turned off by the behavior of the G4 cast(child like slap stick) nerds go to the gym and go on dates. jokes about playing games in a basement isn't funny anymore.

Nerd is an silly and outdated term that doesn't really imply. So when a cast of a network models their show around the concept it's no wonder it will fail
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InTheLab  +   1092d ago
I present you with facts and you come back with speculation?

Remember the Killzone 2 Soapbox? It's obvious G4 had enough sensitive PS3 fanboys to actually show some respect to that console if it warranted a Soapbox from Sessler. He did the same shit for UC3, by the way. He's never had to do one for an Xbox title because their main franchises never score below a 4.

So basically, you don't know what you're talking...

Edit: I'd also like to point out that my point is not the negativity towards PS3, but how he and G4 NEVER EVER criticized MS through this gen. They make jokes about rrod and laugh about how many Xboxs they've ran through but never had the same hard conversations they've had about PS3 and Wii, with the Xbox.
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greenpowerz  +   1092d ago
You're delusional thinking PS3 games had killed the network. Calling out my "speculation" with speculation about a few PS3 titles Lmao

Everybody knows G4 failed because of the lack of evolution and possibly a lack of the very content people were viewing G4 for in the first place. No one wanted to watch COPS, G4 could have put more gaming related shows on the network, told the cast to act like they had some sense and G4 would be huge right now. Have shows 24/7 with tech and gaming related shows from around the world and G4 would be thriving.
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InTheLab  +   1091d ago
You missed the part about alienating PS3 AND Nintendo gamers and this thread is about Adam being fired, not G4's failure.

You fanboys do enjoy having conversations with yourselves...
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DivineAssault  +   1092d ago
I liked sessler.. I took his opinions into consideration cuz he knew what he was talking about
QDOGG  +   1092d ago
@inthelab totally agree with you the gaming shows on g4 turned to a xbox orgy.
And they bashed anything playstation related.
Rockefellow  +   1092d ago
You see that little "Reply" button under the comments box? That might be a better place to put this.
momthemeatloaf  +   1092d ago
The show never evolved it stayed the same and eventually died, so he was fired.

It takes creativity to become popularity, but adaptation to remain relevant.
Sketchy_Galore  +   1092d ago
'Sorry Adam but you're just not a team player. Your insightful and well researched reviews and opinion pieces really undermine our whole operation. We feel as long as you're employed here we are unable to truly plumb the depths of mediocrity and idiocy as far as we would like so we must drop you if we are to continue our mission as planned.'
matchu_peechu  +   1092d ago
They don't like his personality
RE_L_MAYER  +   1092d ago
Ahh fuck g4-that place turned sour when olivia left
Steadyhndz  +   1092d ago
Something that needs to be straightened out is Adam Sessler was not fired for any of the reasons listed below
-Being old
-People didn't like him
-Bad ratings

Which is what people seem to be arguing in the threads. Get your facts straight on this. What did happen exactly?

There were so many changes in G4TV straight from the start of 2012, and even the months before it. G4TV's CEO is replaced by someone that NBC put in place. Who is this person? The ex-Chief of Marketing over at NBC...what's funny about this is Adam Stotsky was making millions at this job, and his new job at G4TV would have paid much less than that. So why was he replaced exactly?

Once this change happened some minor changes were taking place. A lot of people were being replaced and all of a sudden they were going for the actual people on camera. Adam Sessler unfortunately being one of them. He had been with them since G4 was known as ZDNET which was all the way back in 1998. With 14 years there he is going to cost a lot of money to it becoming obvious to you now?

NBC knew G4TV was going to crap and was soon going to be unprofitable (even with it being a channel not on regular cable). It was a year long process to do, and it unfortunately came with getting rid of some of their expensive employees, Adam Sessler being one of them.

That is why he was fired.
RE_L_MAYER  +   1092d ago
With his skills he can make way more and be his own boss
BoNeSaW23  +   1092d ago
Without explanation? I can solve this problem.

"Adam you suck, your show sucks, your fired." Done.
HENDRIX  +   1092d ago
Their loss.Ha!
Rhaigun  +   1092d ago
Sessler is an idiot. I watched an interview he did with Ray Muzyka from Bioware, and he said Knights of the Old Republic 2 was one of his favorite games. Problem is, KotOR 2 was developed by Obsidian not Bioware.
tweet75  +   1092d ago
he was the only reason i watched g4 tv. I didnt fall for the T and A gimmicks morgan webb and the other chicks annonyed the hell out of me. Look at it after he leaves the whole channel is changing format.
dartmyth  +   1091d ago
g4 tv failed because direct tv dropped them cause no one watched it.
Metaspherz  +   1091d ago
G4 and its low budget program lineup is an EPIC FAIL. It's no longer relevant. Get over it. Nerds and gamers made it what it was and now G4 has turned its back on them (us). The only reason I ever watched G4 was for Xplay and Attack of the Show. I must've been one of the few remaining loyalists. I recorded the shows daily and watched just to see the silly humor and familiar antics that made me laugh and cry. Now where will I go to find my gadget, games, and movie reviews? The Internet? Well, yes I suppose ... but I'll miss the personalities that I grew to love and respect for their solid knowledge and expertise of the techie nerd world of which only they seemed to have a grasp.

Early on I was a fan of G4 (then ZDTV/TechTv). I watched The Screen Savers and Call For Help. Leo Laporte and the nerd herd. Leo was suddenly dumped too, when his contract expired. Those shows and Leo was why G4 existed in the first place IMO. Without those shows and those personalities G4 is just another example of a wasteland of televised mediocrity. It's all Ninja this and wrestling that now with syndicated shows that have been re-run hundreds of times and can be found on-demand elsewhere if one looks hard enough on the Internet. No wonder the viewer numbers have plummeted like so many turds down a well. Comcast should put G4 out of its misery by shooting it in the head like it's done its employees over the years. Adam should feel lucky that he left when he did. Now he has the opportunity to cleanse himself from the G4 stench and find employment elsewhere before he's branded as one of the losers when G4 eventually collapses under the weight of its own sh*t. Thanks program managers and executive staff. You starved the horse and then blamed it when it ultimately couldn't stand on its own feet. I'll miss Adam and the rest of the nerd herd -- G4 not so much!
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