Adam Sessler was fired from G4 without explanation

Plenty of drama surrounded the industry after TV personality Adam Sessler split ways with G4, but little context for the situation was given at the time. Now that the once gamer-focused network has become a men’s channel, Sessler is ready to openly question his abrupt, unexplained firing.

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Thantalas1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Interesting. I don't think he was technically 'fired' for doing something wrong. What has been said so far is that the website/channel was going in a different direction with a reduced importance on games. But Im sure more information will come out.

user39158001927d ago

What reason is there? Jeez, you got fired cause the show suck with low rating, nothing personal, just the whole show became lame, it was less of a show on gaming and more about inside drama trying to captivate the audience. What else its there? Well, I like seeing sessler with hes awward ways, but the show was dead with the lack of audience, therefore, we dont need you and you are fired. Thanks for your input, but we are loosing money, good bye.

Army_of_Darkness1927d ago

Isn't it clear as glass to you all?? the audience wants young, attractive looking people hosting up on stage that can potentially sing and dance!!! DuHHH!

MikeMyers1927d ago

Thantalas, wouldn't they let him go then if they were going in a different direction rather than being fired?

It's too bad, he was one of the few that actually put some thought into what he said.

Reibooi1927d ago

It seems his hangup isn't that he was forced to leave(It was a good thing for him in my opinion) but that they did it and gave no reason for it. I mean we all know the reason and I'm sure Adam does as well. The channel is changing and gaming is gonna be gone and he is a gaming man and they didn't need him. If they had like professionals sat down with him and explained all that I bet he would have been fine with it. But just outright firing him is out of line.

Personally I'm glad he isn't being tied down by G4 anymore. I love the stuff he is doing with Rev3games on youtube and he has been showing up in quite a few other places as well.

chukamachine1927d ago

Unfair dismissal, sounds like you have the grounds sessler. Take em to court.

edgeofsins1927d ago

In the contract they have the rights to fire employees for whatever reason.

SilentNegotiator1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

He was likely one of the higher paid employees and the station was tanking (and decided to move away from game content, of which Sessler was editor).

This =/= rocket science

It was crap of them not to give an explanation, but he can't really claim to not know why he was let go.

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ApolloTheBoss1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Oh god. *Inhale* *Exhale* I thought it said Adam was fired from Rev3 for a minute. I was about to have a heart attack.

SnakeCQC1927d ago

lol same he's awesome on rev 3

Darth Stewie1927d ago

Agree Sessler is awesome on Rev3. Did you see him shut down Foxnews.

ApolloTheBoss1927d ago

@Darth Stewie That reminds me. Fox News took down the video from Youtube not too long after it was posted. Lmao I laughed so hard they were mad they got owned. XD

GearSkiN1927d ago

his too cool for g4 anyway the channel went down hill

Reverent1927d ago

God, have you seen the latest episodes of Xplay? They are bigger pieces of crap than Jersey Shore. Blair thinks he's so f**king funny when he's not, and they try to pass up so much time by playing their lame "Xplay Challenge"... God, that show used to be so awesome when Adam was there... Now it's complete garbage.

sashimi1927d ago

Who will tell me that i want Mountain Dew and Doritos now!
Its madness i tell you! madness!

sdozzo1927d ago

Guy is a creep. Doesn't fit it on Destructoid. He's that old guy.

Dlacy13g1927d ago

And you will be that old guy some day too.

sdozzo1926d ago

I'm never going to get old... I'm never going to get old...

Enigma_20991927d ago

... so you're only into younger men. That's good to know... I guess.

MEsoJD1927d ago

He's the best one on destructoid(IMO).

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