Murdered: Soul Suspect is the New Game from Square Enix

Possibly a dark themed game, Murdered: Soul Suspect has been revealed to be Square Enix’s upcoming publishing.

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PrimeLantern1926d ago

Interesting. I want to see more before I get hyped up but I like the dark theme. If they make a darker LA Noire, I'd be excited.

Genuine-User1926d ago

LA Noire was was quite dark.
I did get a similar vibe from the screenshot and the name of this game.

Good_Guy_Jamal1926d ago

Man who on earth comes up with these game titles??

sway_z1926d ago

I really want games like this to succeed....especially in a market over saturated with FPS's.

It seems there is a horror/thriller revival, and I'm hoping this genre is explored more next gen...

Let's hope the story is mature and the game play is capable.

Senyra1926d ago

Seems very promising :P

PrimeLantern1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

I didn't quite get a dark vibe from LA Noire.

Edit: Oops, was supposed to reply to Genuine-User.

Senyra1926d ago

Aw, you can see a corpse in a dark alley and it's not dark for you? :P

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