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Sonic the Hedgehog PS3 for only $39.82

That is what you have to pay for Sonic PS3 according to Wal-Mart. (PS3, Sonic the Hedgehog)

DJ  +   3252d ago
"Always low prices, always"
Damn, they stick to their word don't they?
zypher  +   3251d ago
eh. i just played (AND deleted) the 360 demo of Sonic. not too impressive...looks like a medicore XBox game. the demo did serve a purpose however: it made me salivate even more at the prospect of playing the next Ratchet and Clank on the PS3. good to see that Wal-Mart's selling PS3 games pretty inexpensive. hopefully this will be the average price, even for games like Resistance and Heavenly Sword. this should silence all the naysaying 360 fans (and fanboys).
ORIELKILLER  +   3251d ago
im making that line on the 16 cuz wow i wonder if they going to have it for 550 or even 500
THAMMER1  +   3251d ago
WOW 39 bucks
That is a great price. But Sonic is a renter at best.
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kmis87  +   3251d ago
I checked their prices for Resistance, Motorstorm, and Call of Duty 3, but they're all at the regular $60. Shucks.
original seed  +   3251d ago
yet the 360 version is 60?
They really need to fix the controls on this game.
HyperBear  +   3251d ago
That is a low price. Usually they say we got lowback prices on everything, and they are ususally full of it, but 69 bucks for a next-gen game, somebody pinch me. LOL, butr that is weird. But then again, it is a multi-platform game, and it is a 3rd party game, so they could price it w/e the hell they want to. I just hope more PS3 3rd party titles go for that much to. At that price thats a steal from having to pay 660 for the system.
Marriot VP  +   3251d ago
Well look at what happened with lego star wars 2 on the 360. It launched at 40 bucks everywhere.

Child's games like these aren't going to sell above 50 bucks. And yes I say child's game because the majority are children. The rest are nostalgic consumers.

Although I'm surprised it isn't 40 bucks on the 360. Unless Sony cut a deal with them, whatever. Or more likely a website typo.
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eques judicii  +   3251d ago
This must be typo... like they are selling it as a ps2 game (see that it is recommending ps2 games instead of ps3 games while the 360 page recommends 360 games) plus at this other site it is above 50:

THELANDSOFSAND  +   3251d ago
LOL don't pay 40 for this game on any platform
this is kinda old story now, its been established that PS3 games will run the standard $40-$60...

All still too expensive in my opinion. Games become mainstream at $20.
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TheMART  +   3251d ago
The only reason for pricing this at 40 bucks is because the game is not even worth that amount of money, let alone 50 or 60 bucks.

Don't cheer to soon all on PS3 games, the big bunch still has to be priced officially... And we all could only be happy if games could be downloaded fully and cut the shipping, marketing, distribution etc. costs and all the profittakers in between game producer and end-consumer (like the retailer, wholesaler etc.).

Then it could all end up games just costing 30 bucks or so. Now we only need 1 TB HDD's on the consoles
achira  +   3251d ago
lol, the xbots said all the games of the ps3 will cost 100 bucks, and now they are cheaper than the xbox360 games.
zerofunction  +   3251d ago
"They"? This is the only game that ive seen cheaper.
Marriot VP  +   3251d ago
get your mouth off ken kutaragi's teet for a second and realize that this is probably a typo.

Second nobody cares about Sonic, thirdly 360 games launch at 40 bucks for example lego Star wars 2 among others.

Also who said games would cost 100?
achira  +   3251d ago
paul is this a joke ? man you are totally ignorant. you know it like me that most of the xbots (namely themart, realdeal, thelandofsake) said that the ps3 games will cost 80$-100$. your arguments were blue ray is new and expensive.and know noone knows about this. loool. ppl who read all the threads know what i mean.
HighCod  +   3251d ago
phssss.... 360 games cost over 90$ where i live(Norway)right now.I had to pay 110$ for GRAW.
Dont think ps3 games could be much more expencive than 360 games are now...
People are even buying mod chips before they buy a 360,or u could just buy a modded 360,its legal.
Games are to expencive!
i3CuBeD  +   3251d ago
good find!
Daewoodrow  +   3251d ago
yet another quoted retail price that claims to confirm an actual price. Once again, folks, it doesn't matter what Walmart says. They don't know for certain any more than you do, at least not yet. The Estimate a retail price (ERP? Geddit?) based on a suggested retail price (SRP). The 360 was down for £400 pounds on retail sites before it launched, remember?
Balance  +   3251d ago
for this game does it matter? i played the demo and the game isn't fun at all. deleted it in about an hour. the only way this game will sell is if it is cheap. it should be cheaper because it is lower quality.
MissAubrey  +   3251d ago
I'd still rent it.
cause it sux.

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