Which Japanese RPGs stood out this console generation?

Friends and the industry in general seem to be talking alot about RPG’s lately. All sparked by the much anticipated Japanese developed Ni No Kuni. So I got to thinking, with this generation of consoles coming to an end, which Eastern RPG’s have stood out as testament to these ageing machines?

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miyamoto1934d ago

NNK defied the status quo

MmaFan-Qc1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

NNK, Tales of Graces f, Blue Dragon, Tales of Vesperia, Eternal Sonata was pretty good in my book.

honorable mention to Valkyria Chronicles even if its more tactical.

GuyThatPlaysGames1934d ago

I honestly haven't experienced a good RPG since FFVII. I really haven't gotten back into RPG's but would Ni No Kuni be a good start for me to get back into it? What else would you recommend?

Lord_Sloth1934d ago

I highly recommend Valkyria Chronicles and Resonance of Fate.

Lvl_up_gamer1934d ago

Lost Odyssey hands down best JRPG released this gen.

If you're a JRPG fan and haven't played Lost Odyssey, then you can't call yourself a JRPG fan. Simply as that.

ChocolateGiddyUp1933d ago

If you dug the old Final Fantasy games, then Lost Odyssey for sure.

kalkano1932d ago

I would try Lost Odyssey, if I owned an XBOX 360. Unfortunately, that would be the only reason to buy one. So, not going to happen. I'll hope for a port, sometime in the future.

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j-blaze1933d ago

on consoles it's a tie between Lost Odyssey, Xenoblade, Vesperia, Dark Souls and Resonance of Fate, there are other games i really liked but these are the best imo, impossible to choose just one!

fatstarr1933d ago

xenoblade chronicles : so rare and so highly rated.
the last story
tales of vesperia

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DivineAssault 1934d ago

Tales, demon/dark souls, ni no kuni for me.. Most of the others were mehhh

Godmars2901934d ago

Anything which wasn't Final Fantasy, sad to say.

Unless you're talking the anti-thesis for why a JRPG stood out.

AznGaara1934d ago

Demons Souls, Ni no Kuni and Valkyria Chronicles. I'd throw in Disgaea 4 simply because I love that series so much and the HD sprites make it look so good.

I guess you can count FF13 too. It stood out in a sense that it wasn't like every other FF game before it.

knifefight1934d ago

Add to that Xenoblade, Tales of Graces f, Tales of Vesperia, Yakuza 4, Resonance of Fate, and Lost Odyssey for me. There've been some good ones. There aren't as many coming out as there once were, and oh so few use that overworld map mechanic that I love so fondly, but the games we've gotten have been pretty solid.

koehler831934d ago

Definitely Ni No Kuni. Just beat it yesterday. Truly a masterpiece.

I think Lost Odyssey was also notable, although I found much of the story to be too reliant on walls of text.

I also enjoyed Blue Dragon. Ni No Kuni took a lot of cues from that game so I feel it deserves a mention if Ni No Kuni does.

Unfortunately I found Last Story to be very much overrated and have found it very difficult to stay engaged in Xenoblade, though I can see the potential, it desperately needs an option to make everyone shut the hell up during battle.

I quite enjoyed the White Knight Chronicles games but they suffered for being split up into two products that were obviously a single production.

Without a doubt, Ni No Kuni will go down as my favorite JRPG of this generation.

raWfodog1934d ago

Damn, you finished it already. I'm about 25 hours into it and I'm still at Hamelin. Granted, I don't get that much playtime between work, school, and family (wife and 3 kids). But even if I had a lot of time, I'm always exploring the world as I go, grinding, and never go straight to my next objective. I don't want it to end too soon :)

LightofDarkness1934d ago

I've not finished it yet, but I think I can say that so far, Xenoblade is the better game. Unless something changes the game up quite a bit in the next few hours, then it has some unfortunate problems that really hold it back from its potential.

I could go into an awful lot of detail, but I'm still at work, so it's best saved for another time (and when I'm totally finished with it, for posterity's sake).

kalkano1932d ago

I can't believe you're the only one to mention White Knight Chronicles. I haven't gotten around to the 2nd part yet, but the 1st one was great.

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