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Submitted by Chaostar 1097d ago | news

Square Enix 'struggling to achieve expected return on console investment'

CVG: Square Enix has swung to a loss for the first nine months of the financial year as it struggles to make a return on its investment in the 'challenging' console market. (Dev, Industry)

miyamoto  +   1097d ago
Ha! That's what you get for selling your soul! That will learn ya.

i guess its time to unleash Cloud and Sepiroth to make an HD appearance ;-) instead of Lightning, right Sony?
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KingKelloggTheWH  +   1097d ago
Do you really want current Square to make a FF7 remake?

Just look at the FF7 compilation stuff,they keep making cloud all emo despite him only being like that for a small portion of the game.
adorie  +   1097d ago
Bring back Sakaghuchi. Problem solved. I bet the CEO of SE would have to grovel for that to happen.
user3915800  +   1097d ago
The series turn out as expected crap, FF its dead to me now, I was so dissapointed with FFxIII and star ocean, that now I really dont care what they make. I missed Sakaguchi, good thing he made a few good title exclusive to 360.
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miyamoto  +   1096d ago
To be honest it really pains me to see this happen to Japanese giants like SE, & Capcom, they gave in to the pressure of the western money instead of staying true to what they really are.

They could have tried to fight with honor or even die with honor.
Army_of_Darkness  +   1096d ago
SE needs to stick with exclusivity when it comes to JRPG's
Personally, I truly think that if SE stayed exclusive with sony's ps3, they would still be making high good,quality RPG's instead of pushing multiplatform projects and rushing them out the door for a quick profit...
If you noticed SE's background in game development, you can see that when they put all their efforts into a game on one console at a time, it becomes a great success!
Now that I think about it, it appears that they can't handle multiplatform projects without jeopardizing their creativity.
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iChii  +   1096d ago
I agree. And why does everyone want a FF7 remake? Why can't it be FF8? I enjoyed FF8 as much, if not more than FF7.
Godmars290  +   1097d ago
No. that's what you get for focusing on the wrong thing, messing up royally, then continuing along the exact same path while saying you didn't mess up in the first place. Lying your @$$ off instead of owning up to your mistakes.
3-4-5  +   1096d ago
I agree. It's stupid really. Why not just own up to their mistakes. From there they can continue growing, but not until they admit they were and are wrong.
Blank  +   1097d ago
As cool a FF7 remake would be I think they still need much more than that to redeem themselves but for me a good step forward is FIRE WADA! That is how I feel...
Ranma1  +   1096d ago
FF15 will be an FPS game confirmed.

SE just DOESNT get the message !!!!

To SE, less sales and returns mean westernise and dumb down games more because there not westernised or dumb down enough.
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DivineAssault  +   1097d ago
Keep shoving lightning down peoples throats & thats what happens.. Go back to your roots & start fresh because whats going on now isnt working
TheModernKamikaze  +   1097d ago
Maybe if you give or listen to what your fans want?
kratos123  +   1097d ago
Naaah man people always want more lightning. You know why? Because SE says so.
But I have the feeling if final fantasy 14 fails they will have a major problem. But the good thing about that is that wada maybe fired, damn I dislike that guy
TheModernKamikaze  +   1097d ago
It must be hard for you fans out there, that get disappointed of Square Enix.
kratos123  +   1097d ago
i will be honest man.
I am very disappointed with SE this gen nothing they have published on the consoles is worth my time or it is pure $heit. I just don't get how you go from making great rpg's and listening to your fan feedback to what they have become to day. But i do love all the eidos content they have been publishing.
I have been playing tales of graces F this past week and man that game is soo much fun.
I don't know sometimes it's better to keep your game concepts simple. graces f just has this amazing combat system and an ok story plus a lot of content. As a gamer that's all i am asking for
medziarz  +   1096d ago
I think S-E decided that they need to go in an opposite direction to that their fans want them to go.

The reason?

Obviously S-E stumbled out of the gate and failed this generation: FF13 and FF14. The former turned out to be an overwhelming task development-wise and was further hampered along the way by the betrayal of Sony (going multi-platform). The latter was very low quality, rushed and released prematurely.

The result was that fans wanted S-E to admit failure, put the above games behind them, and quickly move on and go back to making successful games that followed the classic formula.

But S-E chose a different option. For them it was more important to fix FF13 and FF14 in order to maintain to integrity of the Final Fantasy list of main-series numbered games. Abandoning 13 and 14 would result in the compromise of the FF Legacy with one game a huge disappointment and story unfinished (13), and the other a complete failure (14). The line of generally successful FF games would be broken.

This historic perspective was more important to them than the immediate support of their fans. That's why, instead of making games their vocal audience wanted, they decided to fix FF13 by making a sequel with features previously missing like exploration and then develop another game that I predict will be at last a competent RPG with a good balance between story, exploration and action - Final-ly rehabilitating the FF13 project and making it more or less worthy of being on the numbered FF list. Similar with 14: do it again, from scratch, so it achieves a level of decency and deserves the place on that list.
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maniacmayhem  +   1096d ago
Betrayal? Of Sony? Why do people always hold Square ONLY when a franchise jumps ship. You do realize FF started on Nintendo, should they be held accountable for their betrayal to them?

"The latter was very low quality, rushed and released prematurely."

You must be joking, say what you want about FF13 but you cannot truly believe that it was a low quality game or even rushed. And released prematurely, I mean how do you come to that conclusion?
BlackWolf  +   1097d ago
Well, if you don't give people what they want, what do you expect to happen? That a unicorn pukes rainbows?
SE has it's a shell of it's former glory...
Hanso  +   1097d ago
Versus is a ps4 exclusive read here
TheLyonKing  +   1097d ago
you mean there is a rumour that versus is a ps4 exclusive and that would be a stupid thing to do considering the amount of sales on a new console vs this gen sales + amount of time it has been in development
adorie  +   1097d ago
Yet, a console with an established install base didn't even warm up to SE this entire generation?
Even with multiple exclusives that never made it on the competing platform(few did) that seemed like a better fit.
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BoNeSaW23  +   1096d ago
I think it would be stupid to saturate consumers with 3 more Final Fantasy titles at the end of this console generation. They still have 2 confimed for release on PS3, Lightning Returns and FFIV:Realm Reborn. I don't think either are gonna do well, with all the Loathing Square is getting from their fans.

It would be a great way for Square to move on.
Introduce Versus as FFXV for PS4, drop the Fabula Nova Crystallis Lore out of the story and try to get back some of the fans with a Engaging Story, Gameplay and a World you want to Explore.
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AdmiralSnake  +   1097d ago
IT's a rumor and there's no proof...
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1097d ago
Please only reply to comments befitting of a facepalm (much like the one you replied to), your avatar is just so spot on right :D made me chuckle.
adorie  +   1097d ago
Ok. What if Versus 13 is FF15 and what we saw in that brilliant tech demo displaying their new engine, was a glimpse of FF16? I'd like that to be the scenario.
BanBrother  +   1097d ago
Have another Final Fantasy CGI movie that is as good as Advent Children and I might give a damn lol.
Crystallis  +   1097d ago
I still watch that movie every now and then. It so good. SE needs to bring the word "EPIC" back to the final fantasy name.
The Meerkat  +   1097d ago
Make games people want to play....Simples.

Stop with all the JRPG Sh!t.
And make games with stories and acting that translate well to western audiences.

Edit: I don't agree. Japan loves Nintendo and hand helds. SE can still make hand held games cheaply. But if they want to play with the big boys on PC, Xbox and PS3 they need to invest in the type of games that will sell worldwide. They may have tried to go after the western audience but they failed because they kept the terrible Japanese dialogue and art style that doesn't translate well any more.

What I wish they'd make is a Battlestation 3 now that they own Eidos.
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majiebeast  +   1097d ago
That is what's killing them in the first place, going after the western audience. What they should be doing is make traditional jrpg's for the fanbase they had, before they started sharing a bed with Microsoft. Traditional jrpgs seems to be working out for Namco and lvl 5 cause Ninokuni is pretty much sold out across Europe.
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DragonKnight  +   1097d ago
Meerkat: You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. I'm not surprised you have 1 bubble.
HonestDragon  +   1095d ago
Role-playing games from Japan are far from, what you describe as "Sh!t". Their art style isn't terrible either. Square Enix is a fantastic developer. They have just lost their way with pushing Final Fantasy XIII too much and pushing back other projects people want to see. They don't have to sell worldwide to be successful. They just need a well done, well advertised game to bring them back from the trenches.
chestnut1122  +   1097d ago
Remake Final Fantasy 7 and Release Final Fantasy Versus 13 and Type-0. I have enough of Lightning. Yuna's better than Her.
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Crystallis  +   1097d ago
Versus we know is still in development, but I still dont know why SE wont release type-0 in the west as a psn download.
techsvengali  +   1097d ago
maybe if they actually followed through with a actual kingdom hearts console sequel they would not be in such a bad position, gtfo nds shit.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1097d ago
Lol for all those ppl who held out and didnt play the portable KH titles KH3D, Bitrh by sleep, and 358/2days they will be lost as f*ck when they start KH3. Unless they a really long recap.
Stoppokingme  +   1097d ago
Let this be a lesson to all Devs: Listen to what the fans want and stop assuming you know what the fans want.

It's the fans that keep you in business, don't bite the hand that feeds
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Sharius  +   1097d ago
after those BS FF13? hah, server you well, SE, just get rid of that suker Toriyama and all of his BS and i'll support you like before
dboyman  +   1097d ago
Also get rid of Wada. He seems to also be part of the problem...
madduey  +   1097d ago
im confident we will see SE bounce bk next gen through a new IP based in a ff world. You only need to look at the agnis philosophy trailer to see they are ready for next gen tech.
A HD remaster of FF7 will no doubt happen but a complete re work of FF7 is quite a way off. I think they are actually scared of ruining the magic that ff7 had.... Its my favourite of the series not everyones but SE knows if they screw that up they would have some seriously angry fans on there hands..
Tetsujin  +   1097d ago
I'd vote for a FF3/6 remake over 7, however if they did remake 7 I'd buy it as long as the right people did the remake and not slapped something together.


Fire Wada, listen to your fans, and stop assuming everyone wants extensions on 13/Lightning. Outside vs13 unless it's something that screams "You will like this" I refuse to buy anything they make new; I'll buy it used (or trade with friends if needed) just so they don't get that extra sale. I refuse to support SE since Wada "thinks" he knows what fans want. I miss SquareSoft and the games they made back in the 90's; Square Enix can eat it.
ceballos77mx  +   1096d ago
Why a remake? Make a sequel, it seems they love doing that that way they don't mess with the original.
kostchtchie_  +   1097d ago
yeah selling 5+ Million copies on ff13 then what ever they made on the part 2...right..just stop making games

you people want stop giving so much to publishers and share holders ffs, bleeding gamers dry with your garbage
ps3_pwns  +   1097d ago
Square Enix did this to themselves because they did not listen to fans and they did not follow their plan for this gen and they changed it completely. Its ok to make changes but a complete change of everything is down right stupid and led to them wasting a ton of money. Had they kept a more focused approach and not made certain games for the wrong audience then they wouldn't be out so much money.

should have stayed with the plan to make ff 13 on the ps3 and once they fully made the ps3 version and released it then they could of made a x360 port after that if they wanted to like the smarter western devs did with games like bioshock and mass effect, etc. You don't freaking say the game is ps3 exclusive then make it multiplat and not release the game until both versions are made. You are wasting money and are not bringing in money while you do this.

Last remnant they should of once again made the ps3 version and then once done ported the game over to the x360 if the game sold well. x360 owners dont like rpgs and strategy games as much as ps3 owners do. last remnant did not sell well.

Star ocean should have been ps3 only. The ff mmo should of been released on the ps3 and pc at the same time or even first on the ps3 because a console mmo doesn't need to be as big as a pc one at the start. gamers would of been happy with the amount of content and you would of had more people playing it. I actually think they shouldn't even made the mmo though especially since WoW is still king and they havent released ffvs 13. ff versus 13 should of been out before this mmo. MMo's are a money waster for many do research square enix .....

They should not be making ff lightning returns and should be making ff versus 13 and finally release it.

KH collection should of been started and coming out when hd collections was a new idea. and KH 3 should be being made right now and we should have footage on it.

I havent even scratched the surface of what they should of done and what i was telling them to do from the start which would of at least had them have more money and people not hate them which its important in the buisness of selling things to not have people who buy your stuff hate you.
DragonKnight  +   1097d ago | Well said
The console market isn't as "challenging" as SE make it seem. You were the ones that came into this gen believing you were the reason behind the PS2's success, saying you won't help just one console win the generation anymore. You were the ones that released exclusive JRPGs on a console with a fanbase that didn't care about JRPGs (Infinite Undiscovery, Last Remnant, Star Ocean 4 at first), you are the ones that think that people ACTUALLY WANTED 3 GAMES OF THE SAME CRAP FINAL FANTASY XIII WAS! You are the ones that tried to half ass FFXIV and didn't listen to beta testers which resulted in the biggest recall, redevelopment, and relaunch of a game ever done. You are the ones that announced Versus XIII nearly 8 years ago and have moved people off of it to develop these terrible FFXIII games and the FFXIV MMO so that no new information or a release date is ever released. You are the ones that haven't worked on FFXHD yet, a game that generated more passion from FF fans than the entirety of the FFXIII trilogy. You are the ones that lied when you said the FFXIII trilogy was just a spur of the moment thing to address fan concerns when in fact you admitted to planning it since 2005/2006 which just goes to prove you cut out content from the first FFXIII game.

All of this B.S. is why people aren't buying your console games. You show disrespect to your fans and a complete lack of knowledge as to what your fanbase likes and wants. You are following in the footsteps of the worst devs of the generation, trying to cater to audiences that are unpredictable. All of your hardships are on you. You have it within yourself to fix the problem. Give us info on Versus XIII and FFXHD, and for goodness sake go back to your roots and stop trying to make a shooter inspired jrpg game.
The Rock Bottom  +   1096d ago
Preach my brotha! Preach on! Amen...
MilkMan  +   1097d ago
Key statement to remember:

Square added: "The Company views the expansion of content and services that conform to emerging customer needs led by the fundamental change in the business environments, and the launch of full-scale commercial services for major MMO titles will establish its profit base, and is focusing all efforts on an earnings recovery from now on."

Meaning since the profit was on mobile and PC and MMO's take a wild guess where they intend to spend their money.

This is just ANOTHER example for "gamers" complaining and bitching, but never buying any games other than the $500 million (sigh) hit of COD.

This is so ridiculous its almost funny.
ps3_pwns  +   1096d ago
"Meaning since the profit was on mobile and PC and MMO's take a wild guess where they intend to spend their money."

There profits was from mobile because they just re: released games they already had made for consoles in the past. So theres no dev time for these games so its only profit coming in. They would be dumb to focus on this. Mobile is just a side thing that you throw a few guys on to make stuff and should not effect any console titles at all. Its the console titles they made that allowed them the profit on mobile. if they keep making crap new ff series of games on the iphone like they recently did then that money will stop flowing in.

MMo's made them money because of ff 11 for the ps2. Its dumb for them to focus on mmo unless they put it on the console first like with the mmo money they made from the ps2 final fantasy mmo. also its a different world in MMo's today son. they are a dime a dozen.

pc has just been them re releasing console and porting console games. most of these people would have bought the game on consoles had there not been a pc version.

Im sorry but square enix is dumb and need to do some critical thinking. Just looking at a stat sheet and charts dont tell the whole story bro and thats why they failing this gen because they are acting like robots. We humans bro you dont look at a stat sheet alone to figure us out you listen to what we have to say.

wii u aint selling gangbusters like wii because you dont just look at the stats from the past and follow it to the letter.

oh and if we want to take your statements literally square enix made most there money from sony so why in the F did they even release crap on the x360? they should of focused on the ps3. They need to stop being hypocrits.

Also gamers buy games but only if you make the games. where is ff vs 13, where is KH 3, where is ff7 remake, where is ff console mmo? Where are these games they have yet to release yet?
jocelot  +   1097d ago
for making fun of their fans square deserves to die... atlus all the way!
Nodoze  +   1097d ago
Fire Wada. He is an absolute ASS and is the primary reason behind the issues at SE. He after all is THE decision maker. He sets the strategy, he is the one that is doing ALL of this.

All I know is that until things change I will not purchase another SE title period.

Go put that in your pipe and smoke it WADA you fat, money grubbing, Microsoft money whore.
Xklaw  +   1096d ago
AHAHAHAHAH. First capcom, then Square Enix. That´s what you get for not listening what fans truly want. Those who enjoyed the masterpieces that you once made, won´t buy any crap you spew out in our direction. A few years back, i would never thought i would be laughing at these companies fall from grace.
SkullBlade169  +   1096d ago
It would help if they stopped making crappy games and started including the elements of the FF games that actually made them good again.
bakagaijin78  +   1096d ago
I'm really trying not to be on the "DEATH-TO-SE!!" bandwagon, but they are making it so hard not to be. I tried to like FF13, but ultimately left disappointed.

What is crazy to me is that if they really wanted to make money they should have a team focus on re-doing most of the past games in HD, and another team working on new material. They have a gold-mine just sitting there in their older stuff!

Even though I've played them all, I would buy all Final Fantasy games (especially 7,8,9,10, and 10-2) all over again if they just spruced them up and slapped trophy support on them. They already have the base material, it seriously can't be *that* hard to do, can it?
Ron_Danger  +   1096d ago
What the fans want: FF7 remake, FFvs13, KH3

What they shove down our throats: FF13-2, FF13-3

I think they should remake FF1-5 using the original artwork and making the graphics concept-shaded... All the games would look like paintings and would be beautiful. But instead they make 8 bit iPhone games
Magnus  +   1096d ago
If SquareEnix would take the time to release FFVS13 people might actually care about Square. They dabble the game here and there and keep making sequals to games people don't really care for like FF13. Right now as it stands I would rather hear news about the Tales franchise or a future up coming sequal to Ni No Kuni than a news about FFVS13 I could careless about that game now. The Final Fantasy franchise started out great on the NES and died on the PS2.

I've been reading a few comments about a FF7 HD remake hell I am all for that but I don't think they would do it on current gen consoles I see that game more for a PS3 or XBOX720 title. Hope they have voice acting and that Cloud is not an EMO. Hell I would like a FF8 HD remake as well dunno what it is but Rinoa is cute. I am still waiting for news that Square announced with a FFX HD remake I want that game still one of my faves out of the franchise. But sequals suck in the FInal Fantasy realm. FFX-2 I loved FFX but the sequel sucked they turned Yuna from a beautiful innocent girl to a teenie bopper with half a brain. FF13 I am sorry it has fans but three sequals is one too many there are fans who loved the game but I couldn't force myself to play the game I would rather huff a bag of spray paint fumes. Only FF Sequal I actually like well it was a prequal was FF Crisis Core thats the only one I liked. Everything else just blows.

Only games I am buying with the SquareEnix logog on it right now is the new Tomb Raider that title has me interested after than nothing in SquareEnix's line up has me interested but Squaresofts titles I am always interested in.
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Longsama  +   1096d ago
Release Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy vs XIII...even if they're shitty the amount of units moved will be hefty
Cosmo811  +   1096d ago
They're struggling to put out good games, that's the problem.

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