50 players online confirmed for Frontlines 360 - Only 1 map will support this number at launch

Videogamer reports THQ has confirmed that Frontlines: Fuel of War, which is released across Europe on Friday, will support multiplayer games of up to 50 players on Xbox 360 - 64 for PC gamers. This makes it the first next-generation console title to offer such a large player count in online games.

The Xbox 360 version will launch with 90 dedicated multiplayer servers across Europe and North America, with one map, Village, offering support for the full 50 players. As more dedicated servers are brought online, additional maps will be opened up for 50-player games.

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pwnsause3914d ago

oh so thats how they have 50 player games now, i guess microsoft is allowing this now since they heard about Resistance 2, hahahhahahaha

ASSASSYN 36o3914d ago

Wow do you blame microsoft for everything. Last I read micrsoft didn't make nor publish this game.

Hatchetforce3914d ago

No but MS is sponsoring a commercial that says 64 players online. They are talking about the PC version but the commercial doesn't indicate that. It shows the 360 box in front of the PC box and then you see the Xbox 360 ball symbol. It is misleading and deceptive to say the least. But who cares? They can have 100 players and it won't change the fact that the demo is B-O-R-I-N-G.

toughNAME3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

until they bring in some form of group voice chat, social gaming is near impossible with anything more than 12 players

I'll be renting this game to see if THQ didn't solely go for flash

IHATEGOD3914d ago

they kinda did bring in a group chat. no one can talk to each other unless you join up in squads. so it kinda eliminates the lag you would get from everyone talking at once. plus you don't have to hear the 12 yr. olds.

deeznuts3914d ago

Funny, I remember playing counterstrike with more than 12 players, I believe (been a while). Of course it was typing and no talking. I can't imagine having to chat while playing, just not my cup of tea to chat in real voice.

SmokeyMcBear3914d ago

well at least they are going with dedicated servers, which should remove the lag that plague other games.

wow4u3914d ago

Your talking out your anus. There is no lag that "plagues" other games.

now, on PSN, I can barely play a game. Because all it's games lag. Yep. A plague of lag on PSN.

SmokeyMcBear3914d ago

haha.. i know you've played gears of war online and some halo3 online.. I have.. and yes.. there is lag.. o'plenty

Martini3913d ago

Even dedicated servers can lag - lag is inherent to online gaming like it or not.

Blitzed3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

Thats absolute BS. Keep peddling your lies. I play with a wireless connection and have never experienced lag on PSN. Do you really think you carry any credibility on this site? I am not saying it never lags (although I havent experienced any) but it certainly is not "A plague of lag on PSN". In making that comment you show you have never played on the PSN. Keep up the good work, MS loves you.

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You bought an Xbox3914d ago


Still not 60 players online and across all maps !!

keep playin catch up Xbot Sucka's !!

AngryHippo3914d ago

....what game on the PS3 supports 60 players on any maps let alone across all maps thats out right now?!None, yes resistance 2 will when its released, is it released yet?!no, has anyone experience 60 players on a console yet to say its a great experience or Microsoft arent playing catch up really are they?! If you took one minute to think about all aspects of online multiplayer, you will see that its SONY playing catch up. For a complete moron such as yourself I see that all you seem to care about is how many players are in a match.....and this means its better how exactly?please tell me?because from where i am stood you are sprouting complete and utter crap from your mouth. From your name and avatar you are no better than the so called 'xbots' that you say 'suck'. I would say complete morons like you 'suck'.

3914d ago
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