Sony Confirms Last Of Us Demo

Naughty Dog's heavily-anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last of Us will be getting a demo, Sony has announced.
Additionally, first access to The Last of Us demo will be given to owners of the upcoming God of War: Ascension.

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SanMarco1976d ago

2013 starting out with a Bang!

Ezz20131976d ago

it already started with a bang (Ni No Kuni)

Cirran1975d ago Show
Ezz20131975d ago


why did you insult me ?!

ElectricKaibutsu1975d ago

"why did you insult me ?!"

lol, that really made me laugh for some reason ^_^. But yeah, Ni No Kuni and Last of Us, good times to be living in.

Cirran1975d ago Show
b163o11975d ago

MAN!!!!! This is great news, trailers are just foreplay, but demos are almost intimate. Meaning its good to watch, but its always better to play. TLoU is going to be something special from ND

MikeMyers1975d ago

Not interested in God of war: Ascension but would love a demo of The Last of Us.

irepbtown1975d ago

'BANG... and the dirt is gone'

On-topic: Sony are seriously on all cylinders this year. I wont be surprised if they end with a BANG; and the PS4 gets announced/released.

I have a feeling this will be a gaming year to remember.

DatNJDom811975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Substitute "Angel Dust" with "The Last of Us" and "smoking" to "playing"

Blackdeath_6631975d ago

i won't be getting a next gen console until a few years after launch so its great news that sony continue to support the ps3.

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JoGam1976d ago

Yes yes yes. This would put the naysayers to rest.

miyamoto1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

This is good news amidst the doom and gloom

Watch the movie The Road people and get pumped

chadboban1975d ago

The Last of Us has naysayers?!
Show me where these fools are, I'll deal with them!

Seriously though this year is going to be amazing no matter what you game on. I think I'll remember 2013 quite fondly.

live2play1975d ago

thinking of buying a ps3 for this game
or i might just wait for the 4
in any case this game must be played

WeaseL1975d ago

PS4 will have a service that when you insert the PS3 game you will be able to stream it from the cloud. There will be a PS3 app on the XMB.

chadboban1975d ago

Definitely one of my most anticipated titles this year and that's really saying something seeing that this year is already looking incredible.

It seems like no matter what systems you game on, you have something to look forward to. Fire Emblem, Bioshock Infinite, Rayman Legends, The Wonderful 101, Monster Hunter, Beyond: Two Souls, Ni No Kuni, Sly 4 not mention the possibilities of games like The Last Guardian, Monolithsoft's Wii U game, Retro Studios' new Wii U game, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Monster Hunter IV, Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney being released in this year. And then there is Sony and Microsoft's new consoles.

If you're a gamer, 2013 may very well be one of the greatest years of your life.

Ezz20131975d ago

DUDE....where is god of war ascension ?!!

chadboban1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )


OMFG what the hell is wrong with me?!! Dammit too late to edit! Sorry bro, I let ya down. I left out a lot to be honest, there's SO much good stuff coming out this year I don't think one comment could contain them all. Let me make it up to ya

"God of War Ascension: chadboban is An Idiot For Not Mentioning It Edition"

Seriously the game looks amazing, but it is God of War, don't see how we could expect anything less.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

"2013 starting out with a Bang!"
For ps3 and nintendo users. Sad thing for xbox..

IAmLee1975d ago

Pre-ordered God Of War a few days ago. This is a win for me.

LOL_WUT1975d ago

I could care less about the GoW game just give me the TLOU demo. ;)

Bobby Kotex1975d ago

It's funny how long my 360 has been collecting dust in the closet. If I didn't have a PS3 I would feel cheated.

3-4-51975d ago

Yea Nintendo definitely did.

Glad Sony could join in.

GuyThatPlaysGames1975d ago

Then once the demo drops, there will be hundreds of stupid articles such as "5 things I loved about the demo" or "10 things they could have done differently". This stupid repetition of gaming has really gotten crazy. Especially the fanboys on this site. You say anything negative towards PS3, you immediately lose your bubbles but say a good thing, you get praised. I hope this site has something bad happen to it and hope it shuts down. There's alot of people here that I know agree with me but don't wanna support me because they will be shunned.

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majiebeast1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Could very well become 1 of the most downloaded demo's on ps3. The hype is over 9000.

RememberThe3571975d ago

I love how "over 9000" isn't even funny anymore. It's just a figure of speech that means "a lot" now.

kupomogli1975d ago

Over 9000 people bought Black Ops 2 on launch day. Not a million people. Over 9000 people. :P.

Tontus1975d ago

If that's the case then how much do you think the demo being exclusive to God of War: Ascension for at least a few weeks is going to help sales for GoW:A? I reckon it could add around 100K+ sales for people on the fence, not that it needed this demo to be huge as GoW always has been.

This cross-franchise promotion is a great idea! Sony refuse to show fuck all about the single player in GoW:A which means there isn't much hype, so at least now it can share some of the hype from The Last of Us.

ApolloTheBoss1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Rated B for BOSS!!!!

ps3vita4life1975d ago

Can't wait to finally play my most anticipated game ever !!!! Well at least a small part of it. Either way I'm excited as hell!!!!!

doogiebear1975d ago

Ever? Really? We don't know THAT much about it for it to be that hyped. However, Naughty dog is awesome and if the demo impresses me, then I'll have to get it too.

ps3vita4life1975d ago

In my opinion everything that Naughty Dog has shown has impressed me a lot. From the gameplay, to the plot, to the characters, and to the graphics/mo-cap, this game looks like pure perfection. Plus, it just feels like my type of game. I like games that focus on the characters and the story as well as having intriguing gameplay. Plus like you said it's NAUGHTY DOG. I LOVED the Uncharted series so chances are I'll love this game too. If the rest of the game is just as good as what has been shown than it will truly be one hell of a game.

lfclee1975d ago

Mare , mare ! Sheep are everywhere !

stage881975d ago


Sheep? This game is clearly quite something from the footage we've seen and since ND are the devs behind it, it will no doubt be a spectacular game.

All i see is jealousy, jealousy everywhere !

Bobby Kotex1975d ago

Same here, and as an owner of both consoles, I feel bad for 360 owners.