SCE Controller Patent Can Get Hard, Soft, Rough or Smooth, Trigger "Multiple Human Sensations"

"We’ve dug into a series of incredible Sony Computer Entertainment patents that describe an almost sci-fi sounding controller. Read on to learn about the most advanced, most bizarre and most sexual controller you can possibly imagine."

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Sev1825d ago

Finally, guys will be able to talk their wives into playing with their PlayStations.

Thatguy-3101825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

What the hell is Sony working on? lol I'm honestly hype to see what they come out with. This information is intriguing especially since we have a lot of games that evoke a lot of emotions while playing like journey, heavy rain etc. Wonder how Quantic Dream will utilize this in there upcoming game(hopefully KARA).

kneon1825d ago

These features all seem pretty useless to me, and features like the heating/cooling could be a big power draw.

jujubee881825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Like the patent stated, we as the user normally have feedback in the controller in the form of rumble.

This new controller will basically be a direct evolution of that physical response.


I would have to check the patent, but I would imagine Sony would have to include an API in the PS4's OS where the power hungry mechanical functions were not constantly running.

Even than, I wouldn't mind recharging my control every 5-8 hours. Heck, my VITA typically lasts me longer than that and it needs to power it's own CPU, GPU, OLED display, etc.

blackbeld1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

"Multiple Human Sensations"

Wow this is insane!

Controller that could, Hard or Soft, Rough or Smooth, hot or cold.

Wow madness!

I hope this is true. Day one purchase!

SilentNegotiator1825d ago

People, would you PLEASE stop assuming that every patent is a Ps4 feature? Are you guys NEW to the idea of patents? Thousands come and go having never gone utilized. Many end up being used for research methodologies (probably what the tongue controller will some day be used for).

DatNJDom811824d ago

Well, a Sony rep did make a statement in where he said something to the effect of "It will be scary what gamers will be able to play in 10 years." Virtual reality and immersion are going to be part of whatever Sony is dreaming up. Although I do doubt it will be PS4 related. Maybe the console after?

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

MS is experimenting innovations like big halo, small halo, fast halo, slow halo, long halo short halo..

Liquid_Ocelot1825d ago

Lmfao! Come on man, don't do that xD

iNFAMOUZ11824d ago

at least they got innovations and the best fps to define the genre, halo

hiredhelp1825d ago

Can Get Hard, Soft, Rough or Smooth, Trigger "Multiple Human Sensations

This starting to sound more like something i find in a Cough Cough private shop

Monolith1825d ago

Were due for added features to our gaming controllers. First joysticks, then vibrations, then motion. Now heating, cooling, hard, soft, ruff and smooth. It would be cool for a new added standard.

MoveTheGlow1824d ago

So, this is pretty much haptic feedback, right? We've been hearing about the potential for that for a while, but this seems a little different... neat stuff.

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doctorstrange1825d ago

"Oh, and it has a reservoir that stores “an inflating material” that expands to “cause a sensation of hardness.”"

This needs to be made.

Convas1825d ago

How did you not see how wide open you left that?

ftwrthtx1825d ago

50 Shades of a PS3 controller?

Wedge191825d ago

Next they'll patent retractable needles that stab your hands when you get shot or hit.

doctorstrange1825d ago

"with a “push-pull” mechanism on the inside dictating how far edges stick out, and so how rough they are. Alternatively, prongs could be placed:"


TrendyGamers1825d ago

This controller sounds like something made for Until Dawn.

nevin11825d ago

DualShock rumble is good enough.

SolidStoner1825d ago

controller will give you slap in a face every time you get killed! lol

kneon1825d ago

We don't need that for when you get shot. We need the needles coupled with the heating feature and the douchebag detector.

When those ignorant, foul mouthed homophobic 12 year olds go off on a rant they get a palm full of hot needles. Hopefully after a couple hundred times they may learn to behave better.

ImpliedDeception1825d ago

Brilliant for Demon's Souls 2.

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Majin-vegeta1825d ago

Title is just full of win ;D.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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