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Trenta271671d ago

I must not die before this releases!

lilbroRx1671d ago

You and me both brother. Nintendo is bringing the heat this gen.

Blastoise1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

That's a pretty cool trailer. Those monster looks awesome. Will definitely be keeping an eye on this game

The trailer was pretty combat/graphics heavy though, will be interested in seeing what the towns and sidquests and stuff are like

DatNJDom811671d ago

Wow. I'm impressed. If Wii U continues bringing out games like this, then I will get one.

Sexius Maximus1671d ago

I HATE to be negative, but as AWESOME as Xenoblade is (I even have 2 copies, one sealed), it sold very poorly in the States and EU. People are just starting to see how great it is and are paying $100 a copy since its out of print already. It won't surprise me if this never leaves Japan. Fingers crossed, and rainbows wished upon that it will be released worldwide though.

--Onilink--1671d ago

@Sexius Maximus

Actually according to Nintendo it sold pretty well, beyong what they expected. Might have not set the sale charts on fire, but definitely enough to please Nintendo.

Same thing with Last Story, it was XSeed's most succesful game they have released

kesvalk1671d ago

a little off-topic, but does anyone else saw the chatbox in 0:23?

yeah, this game will have online multiplayer...

TheDivine1671d ago

Sexius Xenoblade isnt out of print. I see tons of new copys in every gamestop i go in. It sold very well as did TLS. So well in fact theyre localizing Pandoras Tower which was the least popular of the 3. The only way people would pay 100 is people going to ebay or amazon instead of Gamestop.

It seems to be a direct sequel to Xenoblade. Hopefully seeing Shulk doesnt spoil Xenoblade as im still not done 60-70 hours in. Buying this and a wii-u the day this or a Mistwalker title releases. Seems the wii-u is Nintendos return to Snes levels of awesome.

Yodagamer1671d ago

@Sexius, it doesn't help nintendo made it a gamestop exclusive, i don't live anywhere near one. I would have gotten it day 1 if it was available elsewhere. The last story did very well for xseed and they made it more widely avalible.

NukaCola1671d ago

Wow, there is a lot going on there. A Kingdom Hearts meets PSO style combat system, some online-like connectivity. Ginormous dinosaurs, freaky monsters. Mechs!!!

The draw distance and fluidity looks incredible. I am impressed.

deafdani1671d ago

@Sexius Machimus:

This game was announced on the english Nintendo Direct video, directed to the Western market... so it's safe to assume it's going to come here.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1671d ago


Good catch- I hope you are right.

"Intelligent" 1-UP Bubble Vote.

Irishguy951671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Yeah the combat system looks very similar to Xenoblade. But..I dunno if it is Xenoblade. Might be a new one again. Xenogears, Xenosaga, Xenoblade, Xeno****?

I haven't finished Xenoblade yet either. I hope that isn't a spoiler too.

1671d ago
Gamer19821671d ago

Hmmm never bothered about WiiU before this trailer the reason I buy consoles is JRPG's they are the only games I really play on consoles and the sole reason I invest. I love them to bits. It's why I ended up getting a 360 (for blue dragon etc) and stuck with my ps3 all this time after my 360's have long gone. However I dont like the look of the fight system on this. Other than that it looks great. Would have to see it more. It may not even come in English. Xenoblade nearly didnt and thats with the insane amount of Wii's sold outside Japan.

NewMonday1671d ago

this is great, but considering how Nintendo published Xenoblade we may not get this game before 3 years

AsimLeonheart1670d ago

The trailer is impressive. However, nobody cared about Monolithsoft when they were making the Xenosaga series on PS2 and now they are suddenly regarded as a AAA JRPG developer. It is sad because they had to quit the Xenosaga series because of poor reception. Then they got sold to Nintendo and now they are rising to fame under them.

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zerocrossing1671d ago

And people said Wii U wasn't "next gen" lol.

Rage_S901671d ago

Well it's out, so technically it's current gen.

MNGamer-N1671d ago

Can we finally put this to rest?

donman11671d ago

Plus this is a first generation RPG game on the Wii U and it looks amazing... it only will get better as developers really understand how to use the GPGPU and better middleware/engines are created to optimize the games for the hardware.

Not a RPG fan but it looks impressive and its still in development.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I hope nintendo and sony dominate over Microsoft next gen.

Plagasx1671d ago

If you seriously think that trailer looks like next gen gameplay then.....

Ezz20131671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

that's next gen game ?! look good but not next gen

AWBrawler1671d ago

Plus its an RPG, they tend to have the worst graphics on a console, as they need space for cutscenes, story, stats, and what not

AJBACK2FRAG1671d ago

What a day. I feel so good and happy. so glad I own a WiiU. So frigging glad! Thank's guys!

ABizzel11671d ago


Not trying to go against what you said at all. The game look great, but it doesn't look like anything the PS360 wouldn't be capable of. That's probably Aplha footage, and right now the game is easily among the best looking games on the PS360. That's saying a lot since the Wii-U is still in it's first year, but still we're comparing Wii-U to 6 & 7 year old consoles, and they're holding their own.

That being said, it's everything I wanted and hoped for in the Wii-U. Nintendo has stepped it up with this Nintendo-Direct. These are the kind of announcements and games I needed to see to get me interested in the Wii-U. This N-Direct has finally got me interested in wanting to buy a Wii-U.

I still think they should have gone with a simple AMD A8 - A10 APU which would have easily been priced the same, offered more power than what they currently have, and would have guaranteed that at the very least they will receive ports of most 3rd party games made for the PS4 / Nextbox / and PC since the Wii-U would have been a low-end PC that uses a highly similar CPU / GPU combination in the next gen consoles. But they're really pulling a lot out of what they have.

Consider me impressed.

porkChop1671d ago

Did you watch the same trailer that I did? The game looks good, it really does, but nothing about that trailer says next gen. Nothing. There isn't anything here that couldn't be done on PS3/360. Now I'm not bashing the game, it does genuinely look like a solid game. I would play it. But don't sit there calling this next gen when it isn't.

zerocrossing1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Apparently some people are confused over my previous comment so allow me to elaborate.

Wii U is next gen, I didn't refer to the "graphics" in my statement, if you thought I was then you jumped to conclusions since that is all people care about these days.

Look beyond the graphics, look at the scale, the frame rate, the detail, it's definitely a step beyond the PS3 and 360 but not a giant leap, this is still early in development mind you, so I expect to be further impressed as its release draws near.

ABizzel11671d ago


Look beyond the graphics, look at the scale, the frame rate, the detail, it's definitely a step beyond the PS3 and 360 but not a giant leap, this is still early in development mind you, so I expect to be further impressed as its release draws near.

There are plenty of PS360 games, that have scale, the frame rate (you can't say what the fps are, especially considering it's a clip of scenes), the detail, and all like you've mentioned.

There are few that combine all in one, but they do exist. As I said this game stands toe-to-toe with the best out there on console, but from what's been shown it's doable on PS360.

Gamer19821671d ago

Its not Next Gen lol, you Nintendo fanboys really need to quit it and wait for E3 and see what real next-gen looks like. Or get a decent PC.

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ElectricKaibutsu1671d ago

After seeing that trailer I ordered Xenoblade Chronicles from Amazon (don't tell my wife). I never played it but I guess I'll have to now.

knifefight1671d ago

John, this is your wife. I thought about making my name "Wifefight" but it seemed too obvious.

I just wanted to tell you that buying Xenoblade was a good decision. You should now walk to where I am and talk openly about it, as if I totally know. If at first I seem confused, don't stop spilling the details, just keep talking about how you bought Xenoblade.