Karateka Review [Capsule Computers]

Jamie Laike Tsui of Capsule Computers writes:

"Karateka was Jordan Mechner’s video game debut in 1984, programmed in his dorm room for the old Apple II. Since then, Mechner has been busy with the Prince of Persia series and writing graphic novels and screenplays. He has returned to his first game Karateka with a modern rhythm based remake"

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ZacE1790d ago

Never played the original and I'm not inspired to play this one now.

masterabbott1790d ago

played the original and played the remake, the original is better.

CC-Tron1790d ago

LMAO at this review complaining about the game's 3 dollar price. That's less than a meal at mcdonalds.

Venox20081790d ago

game is better than this review