Prince of Persia Creator Announces New Old Game

"Remember Karateka, that old Apple II game about a kung-fu guy who fights to save a princess only to get kicked in the face because he came on too strong? Seriously, that was a real game. It was made by Jordan Mechner, the dude behind Prince of Persia. "

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ZBlacktt2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

My first ever type of console playing was on a Apple II, then the II c and the II e. I remember this game well. My all time favorite at the time was Aztec. I would carry around these hard floppy disc cases full of games at school. During lunch, you could go into the library computer room and play the games. Not many had home computer's back then ( 1981/82 ). But in 1982, we got the Intellivision system ( still own it ). Then the rest is history from there really.

But yeah, Aztec, Choplifter, Castle Wolfenstein, etc. Loved them all on the green monitor.

Fairchild Channel F2471d ago

I had this for the PC (Tandy 1000 baby!). And it was pretty hard back then. The part where you had to kick the hawks was a bitch. I cant believe I even remember that lol.

ZBlacktt2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

LOL, true story man. We got the Tandy 1000 also in 1983 from Radio Shack. It came with this telephone sized book with all kinds of games in it. Only it was the code for the games. You had to sit there and literally type it all in. It would take hours. Then, if you go one line wrong. The game would not work. Yet, it would not tell you what's wrong. Man, those were the days.

Oh and I really have to laugh at the dumbass who disagree's with our personal story of our lives some 30 years ago video gaming. Yes, some of us have been doing this 3 decades plus.