Next-Gen: Xbox 720 Will Be More Powerful Than PS4 - Report

The next-gen console wars kicks off early as insider claims the Xbox 720 will outperform the PS4 quite considerably.

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Shanks1672d ago

That rumour was debunked long ago, latest rumour says PS4 is more powerful.

jujubee881672d ago

So, you know, it's a new rumor.

ElectricKaibutsu1672d ago

It is indeed a new rumor, and it sounds pretty legit. It totally could be an elaborate lie of course. I still found the article fascinating.

In the end it soooo doesn't matter which one looks slightly better. The PS3 is more powerful than the 360 but no one cares. It's just for bragging, like my dad can beat up your dad.

MikeMyers1672d ago

It doesn't matter all that much which one is more powerful, 3rd party game publishers often design their games around the lowest common denominator anyways. It happened on the PS2 and it happened on the Xbox 360.

Of course what I just said could be a rumor as well.

Red_Orange_Juice1672d ago

I thought we all agreed nowgamer is garbage, didnt we?

jaosobno1672d ago

This is utter bullsh*t. Their source is this:


They are trying to turn rabid fanboy dream into a credible story.

NewMonday1672d ago

rumor: 720 not much better than 360
rumor: 720 much better than PS4

this would mean the PS3 is as good as the PS4 or even better.. makes perfect sense

jujubee881672d ago

As you might expect, this rumor is a direct contradiction and calls PS4 more powerful.

So, have at it. Try not to bite one another in the comment section of my sub. (I suspect both of these will be top heat of N4G for the rest of the day they are up.)

iamnsuperman1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

"This is utter bullsh*t. Their source is this:


They are trying to turn rabid fanboy dream into a credible story."

which just goes to prove how ridiculous these sites have gotten. This can't even be classed as a rumour. I thought rumour in technology magazines were bad but gaming takes it to a whole new level. That isn't a trusted source and why is a big website reporting it as such. Gaming needs a shake up with these crummy reporters needing to go. I feel embarrassed for them and I feel embarrassed to share an interest with them

sikbeta1672d ago


No rumor can be debunked because it's not known if it real or not, that's why it's a rumor, but considering the fact that MS has more money than Sony and the later keep losing money every quarter, it should be safe to asume MS can subsidize a more powerful console next-gen

GraveLord1672d ago

It's a fake rumor, as it fake. If you can't see that then take off your fanboy glasses. While I was reading this I thought this was a parody of the VG247 rumor, but they're actually serious.....lucky for them people like Electric Kaibutsu are quick to believe anything they read on the internet.

Lvl_up_gamer1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

The way I see it...

MS caters to the #1 gaming demographic in the world...North America.

Us "American's" (that's including Canadians like me) means we want the biggest and best. bigger = better is our mentality.

I see MS using their vast amount of resources to produce a very powerful console and taking a large hit on it at retail in order to get it into the homes of North America citizens. Consider MS also wants the 720 to have a Kinect 2.0 unit already installed in each unit and for the console to replace (eventually) your cable box.

That is a lot the console will have to do AND play Battlefield 3 PC like games.

I have no doubt that MS will release a very powerful console since they can afford it making billions from XBL which will help cushion the initial loss that MS will take on each console sold until manufacturing cost become lower and MS later start turing a profit after a few years on each console sold.

Lets not forget that MS is also willing to subsidise selling units. Buying cheap but have an XBL contract for X amount of years....we all know MS will actually make MORE money that way then someone buying a console outright. Win win situation. MS get's market share and returns on XBL while the consumer gets an affordable gaming unit sooner rather then later.

MS have set themselves up in a really profitable position this gen. It all comes down to money. MS are worth $230 billion and Sony is worth $12 billion. It's easy enough to see that MS just have the resources to create a stronger system then Sony and sell it at a competing price against Sony. MS may lose more money on each console sold but they could outsell the PS4 to retain market share. The more 720's in homes, the more MS makes on services like XBL which would be a reoccuring revenue.

Makes no sense for MS to allow thie main console competitor to get a leg up on them going into next gen when MS have fought so hard this gen to be a contending competitor in the console market.

Expect MS to come out next gen with everything AND the kitchen sink crammed into the 720.

Bottom line, IMO the 720 will be significantly more powerful then the PS4.

Knight_Crawler1672d ago

Maybe MS paid someone to spread this rumor so it gets to Sony so they can make the PS4 as powerful as the can then charge $600 again and MS release a weaker console and price it at

Smart Business move.

TheGamerDood1672d ago

I love all this sh*t, give me more rumors! MOAR! NOWWW!

Ult iMate1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

For the sanity sake, guys!
This "misterxmedia" guy is a well-known here in Russia as a diehard Xbox fanboy. He's infamous for his many-years tales of fantastic graphical "x-engine" that should be soon used in X360 games and put all those Sony exclusives to shame. And he told this for about two or three years since 2009, if I remember correctly! He's an object of jokes in russian console flamewars, a synonym to utter liar. Really, even other Xbox fans don't belive him or give credits for a long time already after all those years of his lies and bs in this "misterxmedia.livejournal ".
It's really embarrasing, that someone approved article from this source.


"The console has 8gig of ram. But 6 gig is ddr4 system ram.. The other 3gig is gddr5. This is not including cach or edram. The system soc is a 8850 spec gpu with 4 core cpu."

Using GDDR5 + DDR4 which isn't even out and will only be used for servers at launch. Also different type RAM numbers don't add up and even they do (according to this comedy article) 6 + 3 = 8 ??? This alone turns thir rumour into a big drunk joke. Let alone mentioning the HD 9000 series and the ??? HD 10000. Series. Epic fail.
Anyway I only see this farticle doing more good to Sony and Orbis than harming them: a reason why Sony should increase the power of its next-gen console.

TheGamerDood1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

they just updated the article with new info from VG247 which now puts into question their own rumor. xD

"UPDATE: VG247 has just revealed a report of a source that has revealed to the site that the PS4 is in fact more powerful than the Xbox 720. Here the source claims the PS4 will be capable of 1.82TFlops while the Xbox 720 is capable of only 1.23 TFlops.

It's a world away from the details we've posted here, but we urge you to have a read and judge for yourself.

As always it's worth remember that this is all early conjecture - how true any of this is hard to gauge until we see final confirmation of the hardware."

Toolster1672d ago

My dads bigger then your dad

Dasteru1672d ago


Actually this one can be completely debunked by anyone who knows about computer hardware.

The article is a translation mess so its difficult to know for sure how he meant it but either way its bunk.

It seems he was implying 2 banks of Ram again for the PS4, 1 with 4Gb DDR3 and 1 with an additional 4Gb GDDR5, GDDR5 is graphics double data rate v5, it is VRam not DIM Ram and is impossible to use as normal Ram.

And even if he did mean 4Gb of VRam on the GPU, the cheapest GPU on the market right now with 4Gb of GDDR5 is $450.

blackbeld1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Doesn't matter.

If I still have to pay for xbox life than I will go for PS4. Playing online should be for free.

animegamingnerd1672d ago

i am sick and tired of people thinking rumors=110% confirm

starchild1672d ago


Actually, the PS3 is not more powerful than the 360. This has been explained by many developers. The PS3 has a more powerful CPU (also more difficult to use), while the 360 has a more powerful GPU and better memory architecture (and more available RAM due to smaller OS footprint).

So your comments is pretty far off base. Even though both consoles (PS3 and 360) are extremely close in overall power, people make a huge deal over any small difference they might perceive there to be.

I don't think graphical performance is the end-all and be-all of a console's worth, but obviously many people place a very high premium on graphical capabilities.

TAURUS-5551672d ago

theres no way the 720 can be more powerful thann PS4, its impossible.

sony always delivers the new technology.

Sarcasm1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Rumor has it the Wii U is already more powerful than the rumored 720 and rumored PS4. And other rumors point to rumors about PC rumors having rumors of a Next-Gen console-like PC rumored to have dual Haswell Intel i7's with rumored specs of 5.5ghz clockspeeds and coupled with the Rumored GTX700 series.

Just a rumor though.

ElectricKaibutsu1671d ago

You sure got me pegged. I'm so glad we have people like you on the Internet to show us gullible fools that of course the PS4 will definitely be more powerful. How silly of me.

To me first party PS3 games look slightly better than first party 360 games; that was my basis for thinking the PS3 is more powerful. But again, it doesn't matter. Both systems will be getting all the multiplats.

Kevin ButIer1671d ago

what if its true? xbox was powerful than ps2... but we all know that story

1671d ago
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TimmyShire1672d ago

What jujubee88 says, it's from a guy talking really recently.

G-cis1672d ago

debunking rumor with another rumor?classic

Hingle_Mcringleberry1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Hehehe, I like it when rumours debunk other rumours.
Rumour has it nextbox will be more powerful than ps4.
Rumour 2 has it ps4 will be more powerful. Rumour 2 is newer and thus debunks rumour 1. Yay! - Your logic.
And now rumour 3 comes along and says nextbox will be more powerful.
The rule of rumour plus fact that its 2 vs 1 means that nextbox will be more powerful right? Or is it that rumour 2 already debunked rumour 1 and since rumour 3 is pretty much rumour 1 only newer, rumour 2 still debunks rumour 3?
Rumour debunking is so confusing. A delicate art.

2v11672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

lol left my head spinnig..did u call me

IAmTheBest351672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

rumor three in this case would debunk rumor two. its not a 2 v 1 scenario because rumor one was already null and void. once that happens rumor two stands alone. so if rumor three comes along and says the same thing that rumor one did, its considered still a newer rumor than rumor two and therefore debunks rumor two and leaving it to stand alone as the most accurate and up to date rumor

fermcr1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

I'm starting a new rumor.

PS5 is going to be more powerful then the PS4.
Xbox 1440 is going to be more powerful then the Xbox 720.
Iphone 69 is going to be more powerful then the Iphone 68.

zerocrossing1672d ago

Take your logic elsewhere it holds no meaning here! /s