Showtime: PS4 rumoured at 1.84TF, Xbox 720 at 1.23TF

vg247: Here we go. VG247 has been told that PlayStation 4 has a 50% raw power advantage over Xbox 720, based on information out of CES

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GribbleGrunger1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Whatever the final specs are, there will be little between them. The differentiating factor will be exclusives, Windows 8, Gaikai, PS+ and the like. Of course the most interesting aspect will be Blu-ray or no blu-ray and at which resolution?

Godchild10201676d ago

I agree. This thread on Neogaf proves why I'm going to wait until Sony and Microsoft announces their next gen systems, with their respective specifications.

jujubee881676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

But I agree there are a lot of rumors going 'round without either company making a public press releases.

Within the hour of my approving one rumor about "a" being more powerful than "b" I turn around and see this article saying "b" is more powerful than "a".

Man, I need to get paid for doing this stuff on N4G. :P



Did you even check out the link I posted before. Vg247 had the first pictures of VITA's beta dev kits.

Don't believe they are the beta dev kits for VITA. Well look at this,

iamnsuperman1676d ago


It is all rubbish anyway. These website never check their sources and there have been few instances when they have got it right. The rest of the time they get them wrong which a lot of people seem to forget

zebramocha1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

@juju I'm wondering if the preformance listed is total or just that of the gpu because their was a rumor from google translate that said Sony was to have a gpu at 1.8 Tf.

sikbeta1676d ago


What is wrong with GAF now? most of the news come from there, most legit site when it comes to vg-news...


Rumors still, don't believe anything before official announcements from boths Sony and MS,

Akuma-1676d ago


i cant wait for the ps4 and the many playstation IPs. sony better have the more powerful console because the next gen console that is the more powerful will be catered to more. because sony is pushing for 4k resolution i believe itll be the most powerful console ever this year in order to render games in native 4k resolution. im also hoping to hear about some new blu ray disc thatll be over 200gbs capacity.

Septic1676d ago

Haha this site makes laugh. In the other topic, where the Xbox 360 is rumoured to be more poweful, everyone is like " what a load of nonsense ....stupid rumours" and the rumour bar is so far to the left, that tree hugging democrats thinks it's gone too far left and here, it's all, "hopefully yeah!.

Ah you guys! *Pokes SDF belly*

raytraceme1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

VG247, If you forgot, were the ones who gave news of the rumor of sony aquiring a gaming cloud company which became true a few months later. I would trust them far more than a journal which has a rumor of the opposite (article next to this one).

Diver1676d ago

I'll go one better than waiting, I'll just get a PS4 cause with Gaikai my system gets continually more powerful without ever leaving my house.

darthv721676d ago

statistics. In this post that is for the ps4 to be more powerful than the 720 has 129 total votes in the "hopefully" section.

In another post about the 720 being more powerful than ps4 is 209 total votes in the "doubtful" section.

NewMonday1676d ago


720 will run a custom version of W8

I just pulled this out of my @$$ and may very well be more true than all the recent "leaks"

AAACE51676d ago

1.84 vs. 1.23... looks closer to 30% to me!

ABizzel11676d ago


LOL, good spin. But if you're coming up from the 1.23TF rumored in the Xbox 720 then it's a 50% increase.

Going down from PS4's 1.84TF to 1.23TF is how you got your 30% increase.

Marketing 101 aka Spin City :D

What matters most is if this is full console TF or GPU only TF.

In the case of the PS4 it's likely full console seeing how they're also "STRONGLY RUMORED" to be using the AMD A10, so the PS4 should be on par with HD 7950M (aka HD 7850), which isn't bad at all.

The Xbox 720 is likely the CPU only, but with that being said the CPU isn't going to do much to improve the overall TF unless it's a complete beastly CPU so at best they would tie with the PS4, but most likely still be behind if the rumors are true (currently those TF put it on par with a HD 7870M aka HD 7770GHz).

Also depends on the amount of RAM, clock speeds, memory, etc...

starchild1676d ago

I kind of hope this is true. Sony tends to have the better exclusives (and more of them), so it would be nice to be able to get those exclusives with the best graphics and also be able to play all of the multiplatform games on the same console.

If Sony makes a beefy enough console I might switch over to the PS4 as my main platform (over PC and Xbox 720).

For now I am taking this all with a grain of salt. We'll simply have to wait for more solid information.

TAURUS-5551676d ago

no doubt the PS4 will be more powerful.

Sarcasm1676d ago

Either way I hope they put some damn good GPU's in there to support higher res textures and higher resolutions in general.

Kevin ButIer1676d ago

Added value will define this gen

BinaryMind1676d ago

Hehe, "teraflops". When did we Megaflops? Or was that invented with the PSVita... if you know what I'm saying.

1676d ago
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grailly1676d ago

I guess they'll be running the same games, minus the exclusives, so the power won't change much.

in the case of these consoles, I find RAM more interesting as let's the console offer more integrated services(at least that's how I see it)

Godmars2901676d ago

I still find it hard to believe that MS might cripple themselves yet again hardware-wise with only upscaled DVDs where the industry is talking about 1TB+ Blu-ray discs. Though I expect the PS4's will only rate 100GB.

nukeitall1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

and what might we need that massive space for on disc?

Most games that use a lot of space mostly use it for uncompressed audio and pre-rendered video. That is why most games rarely span more than one DVD, let alone two.

A lot of space just means more costly assets have to be made with very little difference to the user.

With next generation rolling around and hard drives being the standard, you would most likely just install the darn thing and not wear out your optical drive anyhow.

hazardman1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Dude you know better than that! MS gonna have blu ray not no upscale DVD. Every rumor indicates this no matter what the source. Another thing I don't care for these specs PS3 is more powerful than Xbox 360. So if that the case next gen so be it. Both console will look great in my living room.

Minato-Namikaze1676d ago

@nukeitall Look at games like GOW3, Uncharted 2, and Killzone 3 as to why we need bigger discs. All multiplat titles could be on that level (provided they are good devs)

Flavor1676d ago

Look at the most successful properties in gaming right now and re-evaluate that post.

I have a blu ray player in my PC and I never use it since everything I watch/play is from 'da cloud'.

Godmars2901676d ago

How about not looking at only your own situation and preferences before commenting?

MS started stared this gen by saying the 360 could get by only on DVD, then had to make two major system revisions and temporarily tossed in an add on to compensate. And at the end of six years of thinking like that, of failing to anticipate their own much less consumer needs, they've been edged out of 2nd place worldwide.

I'm not saying that whatever they go with on disc will be a full repeat, but if they go in as narrow mindedly as they have twice before they could end up scrambling to compensate.

cannon88001675d ago

bluray movies in 4k will require 100gb or more just to fit in the disk. Maybe that's why?

skrug1670d ago


That's why Forza 3/4, Halo 4, Mass Effect 2/3,L.A. Noire, AC3, etc etc are all multi-disc

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nukeitall1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Whatever super power each console might have, this generation like many others have proven that power does not guarantee a great console.

I think the most flexible console with the best infrastructure for new features and with quality games will win more so than the number of games or the most hardware power.

The bottom line is, both consoles likely won't differ that much in power, because you can't make the cost difference too big and each dollar can only get you so much hardware so it comes down to "smart design"!

InTheZoneAC1676d ago

forget all the features, the selling point is exclusive games for me

this is why I will always choose playstation over xbox.

ps+ is just icing on the cake.

Blackdeath_6631676d ago

..and weather or not microsoft will make you pay for internet. playstation has had by far the better exclusives this gen with more still on their way. with gaikai and a strong gaming console under their belt i can't see where xbox is going. i don't think microsoft will promote windows8. they show very little support for pc and games for windows live is nothing short of a train wreck. microsoft seem to be obsessed with gimmicks like kinect and illumiroom. they have neglected the core gamers.

hazardman1676d ago

You might be right you might be wrong. One thing I do know is that noone on this forum knows of any facts whatsoever. I'm also a ps3 owner and one thing I can see sony doing is adding gakai to ps+ which means you will probably have to pay to use it. A lot the ps bots can disagree all they want playing online will stay free most other features will fall on the ps+ so the people always on this thread knocking xbl customers will feel like idiots when your paying for ps+ to enjoy certain features. For me xbl/ps+ are essential I don't mind paying at all to enjoy this hobby that has been part of my life since the age of 6. I'm 33 now, and will be gaming til my end of days!!

Blackdeath_6631675d ago

@hazardman there is a difference between making customers pay for extra features like gaikai and ps+ and making them pay to just play online which should come as standard if you have the game and an internet connection.

corrus1676d ago

What a funny website two different articles one that 720 is more powerful than PS4 other that PS4 is more powerful than 720