Minecraft User Recreating Planet Earth

PlanetMinecraft user lentebriesje is recreating our planet in Minecraft.

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futurefrog2017d ago

Wow the entire world that is crazy

Knight_Crawler2017d ago

I wonder how much memory resources he will use on the American villagers and having to put a Burger at every block :)

Relax people I from New England and it was a joke.

DasTier2017d ago

Doesn't make you sound less off a tool, being from the crap part of the states an all.

omi25p2017d ago

ujean69. USA is the "cr*p" part of the world

Snookies122017d ago

For the love of god, go outside!

Irishguy952017d ago

Gamers want to explore this planet without having to socialize!

Snookies122017d ago

Hey, I never said they had to socialize, but people do need direct sunlight at least once a year.

AnotherProGamer2017d ago

The guy making this is probably using a program that transforms 3D models into minecraft landscapes

masterabbott2017d ago

if thats the case then he's cheating

wallis2017d ago

Somebody did this using a height map from NASA but it was on the old height restraint. Taking the highest point and calling it all relative this made London a couple of blocks in width and America a sizeable forest big enough to get lost in (but in no way a continent). However double the height means double the width so why not just take that and do it?

He can't be doing it brick by brick? Surely?

masterabbott2017d ago

This is amazing, a 1:15000 scale is a lot of hard work, if he can pull it off someone should give him some sort of award for amount of time and life he's wasted on doing something no one else has ever tried to attempt.