That, Sir, Is One Good-Looking Robot

Kotaku - These awesome robots and moody rooms? They're by Benoit Godde, a French concept artist at Quantic Dream who's worked on games such as Heavy Rain, Beyond and the cancelled Eight Days.

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Trago13371777d ago

Holy crap, I LOVE mechs, and this French artist should be commended :D

but seriously, these concepts look real good, wish a game or movie could use these designs.

profgerbik1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

No one ever seen Evangelion? Well that is practically what it looks like, don't get me wrong this person is a great artist but Evangelion has been around for ages and they use that exact same style for their robots and artwork mainly.

So to me it's nothing new. Maybe kids these days don't even know what Evangelion is anymore.. I try to talk anime with kids these days and all I hear is the same crap.. Naruto, One Piece.. Bleach..

Poor kids have no idea that anime used to be 1000x better and much more hardcore in all aspects. There are still some amazing anime's that come out no doubt but not nearly as many as before. Maybe it had to do with DVD's becoming the new medium which made it more expensive for people to get their work out there as before VHS were cheap and all the good anime I have is all on VHS.

Tekkonkreet is one of my more recent favorites, Plaid did the entire score for that movie and it's brilliant, if you don't know who Plaid is, he has worked with very respectable artists like Bjork. If you haven't seen Tekkonkreet I suggest you do see it.

Trago13371777d ago

a little off topic lol, but yeah, it does look like an EVA.

zgoldenlionz1777d ago

Yep that mech looks 100% like an EVA unit.

Hicken1777d ago

Unit 01, to be specific; that's exactly what I saw.

There's some good stuff out these days, but there's also a lot of bad or mediocre stuff. That's to be expected, though, as there are just so many anime and manga out there now. Sifting through the average to find the gems is harder because there's SO MUCH average to sift through.

Ultr1776d ago

dont say anything bad about One Piece, because its awesome man!

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bikar1777d ago

yep it definitely looks like slim EVA