This is what a next-generation Mass Effect game could look like

DSOGaming writes: "The Samaritan tech demo showcased what Epic’s engine could achieve, and today we are offering you a glimpse at what a next-generation Mass Effect game could look like. Created by artist Baolong Zhang, the following shots showcase a character, inspired by BioWare’s RPG. Baolong has been using Unreal Engine 3 with some DX11 features, and even though the character is not finalized yet, it looks better than those present in Mass Effect 3!"

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Double_Oh_Snap1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Yeah maybe, or this could happen again...
So we should probably just do this...

All jokes aside this is my honest interpretation of how Mass Effect 3 went...

r211939d ago

The first gif is from a show called Doctor Who. Its a very good sci fi show :D

Kos-Mos1939d ago

Haha, I love the last one. ign=never trust again. After they gave gtaiv 10/10 that is.

fossilfern1939d ago

Lol that final image is perfect. ME3 was a mess.

Mounce1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

That last image made me laugh pretty hard. Though you can't forget Geoff Keighley and DORITOS!

XB1_PS41938d ago

I loved ME3. Honestly my favorite one. I don't even understand how people can jump on others coat tails so hard to hate such an amazing game. The end wasn't that bad. If everyone wasn't such a cry baby about it then it wouldn't have received so much flak.

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tigertron1939d ago

It's a good render, but Bioware will be using Frostbite, not Unreal.

ThanatosDMC1939d ago

I hope so. Unreal Engine is terrible for how I wish Mass Effect to be. It'd be great if we could explore the ME universe without looking at 2D sprites. I wish it was more a long the line the X3 series but being able to land on planets, asteroids, moons, stations, etc. in person with our squad.

Add actual custom armor pieces and weapons, different ships and ship upgrades, plus being able to actually go inside every ship that you encounter... anyway, my dream Mass Effect sounds expensive.

Skate-AK1938d ago

They already announced that ME4, or whatever it ends being, will use Frostbite 2.

DeadlyFire1938d ago

Frostbite 2.x will blow your mind with its graphics. Just wait and see what they show you at E3 with Dragon Age 3. You will want the game just to explore it whether you think/know it will be crap or not.

Summons751939d ago

Lol except Bioware doesn't put effort into their games anymore, that would require making a game with quality fans would love. Bioware is dead.

MYSTERIO3601938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

I dont think its all Biowares fault, bioware were a great company before they joined EA. I wouldn't like to judge Bioware so harshly but i think maybe they will come good again if they leave EA. Bioware are a good company but they're being controlled by a money hungry company that promotes rushed development cycles and half baked games.

EA is the one to blame for Biowares poor form but Bioware get all the blame. Shame

DeadlyFire1938d ago

Its EA-Bioware now buddy. Bioware itself is no more. Spiritual successor to their once great place in the industry is CD Project RED.

Thefreeman0121939d ago

Not bad except the guy seems to be wearing gear that is tight in weird places. it looks like he is wearing tron stuff rather than Mass effect

akaakaaka1939d ago

next gen will be beautiful and i best most other games will look much better.. since ME is not a good looking game but just basic looking...

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