GDC 2008: RIP FPS, RTS, and RPG?

A seven person panel tasked to discuss 'The Future of Story in Game Design' couldn't agree on much. But one thing they all seemed to think would happen would be current game genre types disappearing.

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Silellak3951d ago

I wouldn't mind this at all. Maybe people will start thinking outside the box a bit more.

Take Mass Effect - technically an action RPG, but with more FPS/shooter elements than most. Yet still one of the greatest RPGs I've ever played.

There's Hellgate: London, not the perfect game, but combined Diablo-style dungeon crawling elements with FPS elements.

"Sandbox" games, which are becoming more popular, tend to transcend genres easily. GTA can be a racing game, a shooter, or any number of things, depending on how you feel like playing it that day.

I think that's really what we'll see more of - standard genre games incorporating more "sandbox" elements to give players better freedom to play it how they like. Crysis did a decent job of this.

I'll be happy if we just reduce the number of FPS games coming out. Maybe there's heresy, but it'd be nice to see another genre flourish for awhile.