Is Nintendo TVii the Wii U's "Killer App?" | IGN

Scott Lowe:

Nintendo TVii is now available for the Wii U. Announced in September and suffering a minor delay last month, TVii is Nintendo's latest effort to pry control of the living room away from Microsoft and Sony, whose respective consoles have become the centralized entertainment hub for millions of consumers. In many ways, Nintendo TVii seeks to succeed where Logitech's Revue with Google TV failed — unifying streaming and broadcast video services into one cohesive user experience with relevant web-derived data and social media built-in. With game support slowly ramping up, could TVii be the Wii U's unexpected "killer app?" We go hands-on to find out.

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1upgamer991946d ago

Looks great, and easy to use. Sports fans should love this.

Sarobi1945d ago

I didn't think I'd use this feature must but.. during the Clippers game I seen people dropping comments on certain plays so I joined in. Overall its pretty neat

H4all1945d ago

i don't think it's support all country TV channel..
some country must be sick to use this app..

Jadedz1945d ago

As a tv/cable box remote, makes it a lot less simple for me (I got way too many remotes for different electronics).

I distinctly remember an interview where Miyamoto-san mentioned, ''we want consumers to use the Wii U everyday, like it's apart of their regular lifestyle'' (might not have been stated in those exact words). After owning the console for about 2 weeks now - I have to say, Nintendo set the bar for what I envision as next gen gaming's progression.

''Moar Graphics'' isn't all I want from a next gen console.

Wolfbiker1945d ago

I use my Wii U Gamepad everyday even if its not for gaming.

t0mmyb0y1945d ago

Same. Can be watching shows on PS3 and I want to check email or google something, just pick up the pad.

LOL_WUT1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

But you're okay with gimmicks are you not?

I too think this is a nice app but, it certainly doesn't make it a "killer app".

BullyMangler1945d ago

you probably think the Nintendo 3ds is a "gimmick" dont you .. . (: . . .. .

Jadedz1944d ago

Everyone does, but gameplay will always triumph over the former (for me, anyways).

Why are you implying that the word ''gimmick'' is a bad thing? I haven't used my tv set for a while now, because off tv play is really all it's cracked up to be.

Valve's Steam box is slated to release next year, smart tvs are becoming more popular, smart phones are able to connect to tvs and are able to play console type games.

In this day in age, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition, or else.

PopRocks3591944d ago


So it doesn't if the game plays like shit? What kind of person thinks this way?

I suppose Microsoft putting ESPN on a gaming app wasn't a gimmick? Or Sony's magic wand gizmo? Gimmicks are not exclusive to Nintendo as you try to make it seem.

DivineAssault 1945d ago

its cool but nothing to flip out about.. Then again, im not a big TV watcher so im sure others will enjoy it much more than i will.. I want GAMES damnit! exclusives too, not just ports with additional gameplay mechanics..

metroidfusion21944d ago

Stop bitcching and whining and wait just like for any oothher console it takes time so stop crying ya lil baby

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