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A Shocking Interview With The War Z Developer On False Steam Store Claims

Executive Producer Sergey Titov believes the ends justify the means. (PC, The War Z)

sithsylar  +   485d ago
All i can say is what a scumbag!
"We've granted refund to even those players who come top us and said -- your game is shit. And if we went and see that he played like 20 minutes, we've refunded him. Yet if somebody have played like 5-10 hours and decided he doesn't like game - we clearly didn't provided refunds to them" WOW.... just .... Wow.
krazykombatant  +   484d ago
We'll seems fair enough, if you've played enough for like 6-10 hours then no, usually first couple of hours decides, for me at least, whether i like the game or not.
Rupee  +   484d ago
Yeah you would think that someone who's played a few hours would have a better understanding of the game than someone who just got past the loading screen and has played for a few minutes.
Kamikaze135  +   485d ago
I have a feeling that some of the devs are commenting on the game on the Steam forum......
floetry101  +   484d ago
Amazing interview. Real hard-hitting journalism you don't often see in gaming.
Trunkz Jr  +   484d ago
Game is very Ghetto, waiting for DayZ Standalone...
Xristo  +   484d ago
Great interview. Sad developer. Sucks that they made so much money off of the (possibly) ignorant. :(
Dlacy13g  +   484d ago
Two concerning issues here:
1) The obvious take on a developer pulling this kind of a ruse. Unfortunately I think this kind of BS is happening more and more in gaming, especially on the mobile front.

2) Steam needs to respond to this issue. What kind of certification process do they do? If any? I know one of the great things about Steam has always been its a basic barrier free store for developers to get their games on there, but there has to be a checks and balances. If Valve wants to grow their business into hardware and software they are going to need to grow their backend, it can't be a system of "it's policed by the community" we the consumers need to have a better sense from valve that they are not going to let Steam turn into the POS that is IOS and Google Play Stores.
InTheLab  +   484d ago
Just like to applaud the author of this article. I....don't think I've ever seen anything like this in gaming.
SimpleSlave  +   484d ago
And steam decides to release this thing to the public as is.

Yet companies like Widejeteye have to put Primordia through greenlight before releasing it on steam. Even though they have other games already there and are a reputable company. There are also other great games having to go through the greenligh process as well.

Is this the future of digital downloads? What's cool or hot at the moment, no matter how deceiving or broken it is, gets to be released outright and future heavily, while other proven developer's games get stuck in the back of the line?

Hope not...
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Norrison  +   484d ago
Valve already apologized for what happened and is giving full refunds to anyone who asks for them.
I think it's the fault of this shitty dev, their game sucks and they always make fake promises, heck they stole the terms of use from LoL
Ace Killa 08  +   484d ago
i just did a google for steam forums WarZ and this is what i got in the second link.


Pretty sad a game so liked for it's idea gets such negative attention.
WeskerChildReborned  +   484d ago
These people don't deserve any revenue if they are gonna treat their consumers like sh*t.

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