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Submitted by TimmyShire 1149d ago | article

Dark Souls 2: Everything We Know So Far

Here's everything we know so far about Dark Souls 2 (Dark Souls 2, Next-Gen, PS3, Xbox 360)

sdozzo  +   1149d ago
We don't know much. Speculation for the most part. Nice read though.
Hatsune-Miku  +   1149d ago
I know its not planned for the rubbish Wii u at the moment. I do hope for a vita version though. I'd actually love to have a vita version of multiplatform games because I'd buy a lot of them. I love the portability of the vita and that gaming experience doesn't have to be diminished because its a powerful handheld capable of a lot

With the Wii I ignore all negative points because I was a big new fan but while I was pretending to like games on the Wii, I was having a terrible time because of bad graphics, bland environments, predictable enemies, bad frame rates, bad controls and other things. I wasn't a fan of microsoft or Sony and realized after playing a lot of their games that they are better made games and the online infrastructure was amazing. I went around telling people Wii is awesome but it was pure rubbish. I was just making excuses because I was young and silly.

The Wii u is basically going down the same path as the Wii and they share a lot of similarities. Wii success was a fluke because it cost a third of the price of a ps3 and half the price of the Xbox. If Wii wasn't a massive success for Nintendo and they didn't think the fans would stand for rubbish hardware, the Wii u would have been designed a lot better. All the sales of the Wii lead to a lot of rubbish games also and xbox and ps3 has eclipsed the quality of good games on the wii. Nes fans tout sales sales sales but barely play any good games. Nothing is wrong with traditional controller but Nintendo said Wii mote is better then made two controllers that is akin to the traditional controller like ds3.

I'm not into hype and Wii u has launched with weak hardware and little exclusive games. Third party devs already are ignoring the wii u
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Kingdom Come  +   1149d ago
Riding the Nintendo hate train? Why do you consider the Wii U to be "rubbish" might I ask...?
RuperttheBear  +   1149d ago
'I know its not planned for the rubbish Wii u at the moment. I do hope for a vita version though. '

Translation - It's not planned for the Wii U or the Vita.
BlackWolf  +   1149d ago
Wait a minute. You are coming from every angle just to say again "rubbish and weak". Is that the best you've got? Please, if your on your "nintendo hate train" all the time, at least bring something more convincing. Really, your argument is getting old and boring to the point nobody considers it something worth reading(at least not for people like you...)

It may be YOUR personal opinion, but don't try to make it a general opinion. It's not going to work.
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JayBlue  +   1149d ago
Ok, i think i decided to hunt you for a bit.
First place, nobody was talking about the Wii U, the one who talked about it was you. You are only a flame bait.
Following you hardware and specs logic, it won't be coming for the PS vita, don't dream with it, at least for now. It's a powerful handheld, but it doesn't reach that high.
You really sound like a broken record, always saying the same stuff all the time, give us a break.
You weren't having a terrible time, you bought the console to check for all possible defects you could find.Graphics weren't bad. Controls were designed for the console, not your plain "traditional controller" experience. And if i remember correctly, you could still use a gamecube controller, or the Classic controller attached to your wiimote. Also the Classic Pro controller when it was released.

No, your problem is that you've let the graphics blind you. Most of the games on MS catalog are mostly the same, shooters. PS have a catalog with far more options, but you will find that still, most of the games there are shooters too.
Yes, their online infrastructure is great, but its because they are designed that way. Wii have online multiplayer, but is mostly focused on multiplayer options for players on the same room.
uh? making excuses because you were young and silly? how old are you, may i ask you?

They share a lot of similarities as much as the PS4 and XBOX720 will share with its predecessors.
Wii success wasn't a fluke, it was chosen because it offered something different than what the other companies could. To the point where both Sony and MS tried to make their own attempts in motion gaming, but they weren't as successful as the Wii.
Games for PS3 and Xbox360 eclipsed the Wii's with the graphics. gameplaywise, they were really good(aside from many poor 3rd party games the Wii had, which were actually not worth to buy.)
I've already talked about the controller, but let me clarify you, nintendo never said the Wiimote was better, get your facts right. And yes, they gave us the option of the classic controllers. Is it bad to give players multiple options now?

For the love of God, the system just came out!. It will have its exclusive, you can be sure of that, they simply aren't ready yet.
Well, 3rd party developers have their reasons to skip this console, which are mostly valid and understandable, but it doesn't flags a console as bad, or rubbish. You said yourself that the Gamecube was a great console with a bad 3rd part support, and it did sell well.
RPG1201  +   1149d ago
what you don't know can fill a warehouse.

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