Square Enix teases secret project Final Fantasy studio Square Enix has launched a website teasing a secret project.
The domain depicts a space-themed backdrop with a countdown due to expire at 3am on December 12, UK time.

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majiebeast1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Star ocean 5 for Ps3 and Vita redeem yourself SE. If this is some countdown for a mobile game just means se can go lower then rock bottom.

wishingW3L1962d ago

After SOIV I really don't know how can you ask for a 5th one... I rather have a new IP with the space theme.

TheBatman_Fanatic1962d ago

Tri-ace can't have another chance? They have made good Star Oceans, they just messed up with IV.

Hicken1962d ago

SOIV wasn't even that bad, if I'm being honest. Seems like people just WANT Square-Enix-related stuff to suck.

Godmars2901962d ago

If they actually hired some writers then built a game around that story instead of the other way around, then it might have a chance.

But I'm not expecting anything more than the typical collection of stereotypes sadly.

And SO3, which was only just a game.

Nerdmaster1961d ago

SO4 wasn't so bad. 3 is the one that was terrible. I loved SO 1 and 2, I couldn't believe how bad 3 was.

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doogiebear1962d ago

Meh. lost interest in sqeenix. Contact me when Atlus announces the next Persona game.

ATi_Elite1962d ago

Heroes and Generals (WWII FPS/RTS/MMO) for the PC!

HammadTheBeast1961d ago

No, it's Final Fantasy XIII-4. Cause we just all want another, don't we?

richierich1962d ago

I never thought I would see Square Enix making so many bad games they were legendary back in the NES,SNES and PS1 days I dont know what happened to them since then

youndamie1962d ago

Hey PS2 Era was pretty good too, FFX,XI,XII

silkrevolver1962d ago

X is my favorite Final Fantasy.
One of my favorite all time games, actually...

youndamie1962d ago

@silk IX was favorite game(first game I ever played) but X follows close second.

DOMination-1962d ago

For me FFX gets a slightly easy ride. It had awful voice acting and was essentially as linear as FF13. It did have a good combat setup and blitzball was fun.

It was a good game but it was the start of this path SE took of walking down corridors instead of having a world map to get to each location.

Nerdmaster1961d ago

Everything reaches its pinnacle before it crashes down. Final Fantasy X was Square's pinnacle.

YouAreSoWrong1961d ago


I literally made an account just to say this, so feel honored, or insulted I suppose, but please do not refer to ffx as squares pinnacle. Not trying to troll, although it might come out that way, but ffx was the beginning of the end.

X was the game that became more about cutscenes than gameplay, the characters were dull and boring, and it became a corridor rpg as opposed to open world.

Kingthrash3601961d ago

@ you are so wrong, I .. In my opinion feel the characters on X were anything but dull. I mean goth chick with dolls as a weapon or a buff dude who kicks a ball to kill enemy's and one word .... Ject

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UberAndrew1961d ago

They started going down hill after Square and Enix fused. They were great companies separately, but terrible together.

Nodoze1961d ago

They are like Peanut Butter and Horseradish. Some things just don't go well together.

As for this new announcement, when is it slated to be done 2099? Typical SE dev cycle.

TheBatman_Fanatic1962d ago

Just in case, Star Ocean IV is made by Tri-ace, not Square!

Nerdmaster1961d ago

Wikipedia says:
Developer(s): tri-Ace, Square Enix

rextraordinaire1961d ago

But published by SE now, since Enix got eaten. :(

Sad sad day in gaming history.

pompombrum1962d ago

Good job Square, done a good job to make sure the picture couldn't be misinterpreted as something fans have actually been asking for.

dredgewalker1962d ago

Uhhmmm looks like Lightning is looking out into space....Final Fantasy 13-4 Space Lightning?

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