A Fanatical Unboxing of the Nyko PlayPad Controller for Android

We here at the Game Fanatics have gotten our hands on Nyko’s bluetooth controller for Android devices, the Nyko PlayPad and managed to capture a video unboxing of the device before putting our grimy hands all over it.

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Mikefizzled2000d ago

Looks like Nintendo aren't the only fans of the Xbox controller.

Kingnichendrix2000d ago

how is it anything like the 360 controller?

deep_fried_bum_cake1999d ago

Is that sarcasm? Or are you blind?

Tzuno2000d ago

Briliant gaming without joystick is like watching porn without hands :)))

strigoi8142000d ago

if you want buttons and sticks go with the portable gaming console...

sonicsidewinder2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

This is seriously interesting.

I have the Sony Xperia S and what i found was that (in the case of the sony games available to buy), they were NOT ergonomically controllable using a touch screen.

Pressing two buttons for a grapple on Tekken, on touch screen? Fucking hard, and backwards to attempt.

Didn't want to mess around with 'rooting' the device so I could synch up mah PS3 pad. (should just bloody work anyway...)

This sounds great. More of a reason to fill the phone up with great old games that require deft hand input. (that is, if it works with emulators.)

Agent_00_Revan2000d ago

Check out the Drone Controller. It looks like a Much better solution and I think it comes out in January.