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2050d ago
crystic2051d ago

It's not fair that pc users would have to wait 1 month for Dlc. I hate you xbox :c

Abriael2051d ago

Gotta thank Microsoft's money and Bethesda's short sighted response to it.

decrypt2050d ago

PC gamers dont really care about DLCs. They have so much fan made content. It makes DLCs look like a milking attempt at best, rather DLCs for Skyrim to a PC gamer are a joke.

Check out some of these great mods on PC for Skyrim, the DLCs stand no chance:

I have personally been playing around with:

Vilja in Skyrim
Enhanced lights and FX
imersive weapons
water-water and terrain enhancement
Skyrim HD - 2K textures
Project reality- climates of tamriel

PC gamers have literally access to unlimited quests from mods alone.. to us DLCs are a joke.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

xbox is fine. MS sucks though..

The rumor is that the next Bungie game will be exclusive to xbox for the first game and then the 2nd and 3rd game would be ported to ps3 and pc(mass effect all over again).

I really wonder how many Zeros are on those MS checks. Really. They have bethesda, Epic & activition in bed at the same time.

All of it is aboyt MS as a company not the xbox gamers. Having dlc exclusive for xbox gamers for a month = no benefit to the gamers but much benefit for MS xbox sales(i guess).

Mocat2051d ago

I have a 360 and i must say, xbox sucks maybe its because its so old but ontopic i have skyrim on pc and the funny thing is, i was really planning to buy it tommorow, silly me they can keep the DLC i dont take seconds

taquito2051d ago

lets seriously hope no bungie game goes on either last gen ps3 or 360

ps4/nextbox only please

kalkano2051d ago

Seriously. The exclusivity period (first 2 DLCs) is over. Why are we still having to wait?

Scenarist2051d ago

i know some people will pirate this out of spite
(probably was going to anyway)

iXenon2050d ago

You don't think it's fair PC gamers need to wait a month before getting Skyrim DLC?

This is the first time PS3 gamers are even getting a tatse!!

Snookies122050d ago

I don't think it's fair to either, just because Bethesda wanted Microsoft's money...

It's hard to blame them though, it's Microsoft at fault here. They're ruining gaming by doing things like this. It hurts gamers everywhere to do timed exclusive crap.

BanBrother2050d ago


Sony do it also, but even worse. They get exclusive content in Assassin's Creed games and Batman AA, and they can never go over to the Xbox.

Funny how people always forget. Microsoft aren't the only ones who do it. And yes, I think it is bad for gaming, as it is crap for gamers.

SITH2050d ago

We know, and we do not care.

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Summons752051d ago

that's nice but when the hell do we do a level cap raise. Level 81 is extremely boring!

Abriael2051d ago

That's why you get the PC version and enjoy the magic of mods :D

Summons752051d ago

eh i find nothing fun or interesting about mods. Just people who can't appreciate a game wanting an excuse to make it "better"

BiggCMan2051d ago

You have absolutely no idea what mods can do for a game do you? Skyrim for example, mods that have added hundreds of hours worth of content to the game, yet there has been only 2 pieces of official DLC for the game that don't last nearly as long. There are mods that add new weapons to the game that you can spend hours trying to craft with parts. There are mods that add dozens, even hundreds of missions to the game. Mods that improve graphics, mods that add magic spells, mods that add new characters... You honestly have no idea of amount of content mods have. And it's all completely free, and most of the time better than anything official, this goes for many games.

brodychet2051d ago

Lmao, @Summons, clearly haven't used any. That's like disliking food you've never tasted.

NCAzrael2051d ago

That is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Well, this week anyways. You're either A) a very cynical and jaded person who has never taken the time to even install a mod for any game, or B) a console only gamer who is trying desperately to fend off one of the greatest arguments on why a game like Skyrim is far better suited to the PC.

MysticStrummer2051d ago

@Summons75 - I'm not even a PC gamer and I know what you said there is pretty ridiculous. But, you're entitled to your opinion, even if it makes no sense at all. Fight the power.

Rowland2051d ago

I'm a multi-platform user and Skyrim on PC blows both consoles away in every department, BIG TIME. Then the mods enhance everything from sound effects to graphics to the music to new areas, new weapons, better balancing, new quests....etc etc etc

If amateur & hobby'ist 'modders' are producing amazing content for free in a matter of weeks why does it take Bethesda several months for one small'ish overpriced piece of DLC? !

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Norrison2051d ago

You keep thinking that, we will keep enjoying the game with mods.
We can't appreciate a game just because we use mods? We use mods because we're not sheeps that like playing broken games, mods make the lifespan of a game last a lot more and they also improve the experience dramatically, who wouldn't want that? Only fanboys in denial like you.

Slugg3r2051d ago

I can't personally enjoy it even past lvl 30, the scaling of the enemies just doesn't keep up (some don't even scale) apart from few, that will cheaply insta kill you with magic. The balance just goes worse and worse, even when using scaling mods. This is why I personally prefer to have multiple play throughs.

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DragonKnight2051d ago

Bull. I'll believe it when I see it.

"It’s one of our most ambitious add-ons ever and we’re excited for everyone to play it."

So, being that Dragonborn is one of the most ambitious add-ons ever, one could logically assume that it's bigger and better than Dawnguard. If this is the case, why can Dragonborn come to PS3 but NOT Dawnguard OR Hearthfire?

Just stop lying Bethesda. You can't get Dawnguard or Hearthfire on PS3 but we're supposed to believe you can somehow magically get something bigger and better on it? You really must believe the PS3 userbase are full of idiots.

When it happens, I'll believe it. Until then, I will not be trolled by Bugthesda.

ziggurcat2051d ago

i'm certainly not confident that they'll be able to get it to work for PS3, either.

i've resigned myself to no longer give bethesda any of my money, regardless of the platform or whether they are just publishing the game because of this DLC debacle.

the one thing i do give them a *little* bit of credit for: after all was said and done on my skyrim playthrough (after receiving the platinum trophy), i had only experienced 3 crashes. after a certain point in the fallout series, i was crashing once every 15 - 20 minutes... so i guess they at least did *something* right?

DragonKnight2051d ago

To their credit, I personally did not experience many game breaking problems on my PS3. The worst I suffered was one quest being impossible to complete (the College quest where the Archmage dies), some instances of freezing that required a hard reset (very bad for your console, and I was using a Phat launch 60GB PS3), and that one problem when you're getting Yngol's Helm and the dungeon won't load and your screen is completely black and you can't do anything but restart the game.

But that doesn't mean that the bugs people have mentioned don't exist for other people, and it doesn't excuse their behaviour with the now 3rd piece of DLC that we're supposed to believe is possible on the PS3 but the first 2 aren't. They are biding their time for an "Ultimate Edition" and we'll still have to pay full price despite almost half a year waiting for Dawnguard.

Bethesda keep cementing my opinion that they are devs with big ideas and no ability to carry them out with any competence.

Detoxx2051d ago

Couldn't have said it any better myself.

Consoldtobots2051d ago

that's because it was a BS excuse to cover up the fact that MS corporate policy is to spite consumers of a competing brand. Lovely company they are.

creized12051d ago

You can keep it...really..