Sleeping Dogs 2 debate: does Shen deserve a sequel?

Official PlayStation Magazine:

Our scribes brawl over the potential of Sleeping Dogs 2. Do you think Wei Shen merits a sequel or would you like to see the undercover cop consigned to history?

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Psychotica1791d ago

It was an ok game but seems really lacking when compared to the upcoming GTA V..

ZBlacktt1791d ago

Lets not let the hype machine fool us again like GTA IV did. To me, SD was just like GTA in every way. Only more fun like the older GTA games. Only now with far better slow motion combat fighting skills.

DaReapa1791d ago

The focus on melee combat is what separates Dogs from the GTA series. IMO, a much more satisfying experience than GTAIV. A sequel would be welcomed as long as the publisher doesn't rush development in an attempt at creating a potential cash cow.

Psychotica1791d ago

There were all kinds of areas in SD that you couldn't get to, they were totally locked off. Just try to get on some of the small islands. I agree the combat was far better though.

bumnut1791d ago

GTA is boring now, Im not beleiving the hype around 5 until I see gameplay footage

ZBlacktt1791d ago

Yes! This was a very good game. So over looked by many. Was far better then GTA IV. The combat system was awesome.

blakstarz1791d ago

I agree...SD is a a pretty good game, still playing it now and enjoying it, definitely like it more than GTA IV myself.

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The story is too old to be commented.