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Sleeping Dogs 2 debate: does Shen deserve a sequel?

Official PlayStation Magazine:

Our scribes brawl over the potential of Sleeping Dogs 2. Do you think Wei Shen merits a sequel or would you like to see the undercover cop consigned to history? (PC, PS3, Sleeping Dogs, Xbox 360)

aliengmr  +   886d ago
Psychotica  +   886d ago
It was an ok game but seems really lacking when compared to the upcoming GTA V..
ZBlacktt  +   886d ago
Lets not let the hype machine fool us again like GTA IV did. To me, SD was just like GTA in every way. Only more fun like the older GTA games. Only now with far better slow motion combat fighting skills.
DaReapa  +   886d ago
The focus on melee combat is what separates Dogs from the GTA series. IMO, a much more satisfying experience than GTAIV. A sequel would be welcomed as long as the publisher doesn't rush development in an attempt at creating a potential cash cow.
Psychotica  +   886d ago
There were all kinds of areas in SD that you couldn't get to, they were totally locked off. Just try to get on some of the small islands. I agree the combat was far better though.
bumnut  +   886d ago
GTA is boring now, Im not beleiving the hype around 5 until I see gameplay footage
ZBlacktt  +   886d ago
Yes! This was a very good game. So over looked by many. Was far better then GTA IV. The combat system was awesome.
blakstarz  +   886d ago
I agree...SD is a a pretty good game, still playing it now and enjoying it, definitely like it more than GTA IV myself.
maurice27  +   886d ago
Yes a very good game
GillHarrison  +   886d ago
It would be a sad day if this IP never got a sequel. With sales of Sleeping Dogs around 1.5 million, Square Enix should have no problem marketing a sequel.
tigertron  +   886d ago
I'd love to see Sleeping Dogs 2 on the PS4/next Xbox.
Xristo  +   886d ago
No reason why it shouldn't. It was good game, fun combat, with a memorable story. And unlike the GTAs, even optimized for the PC (ok, that part was just me taking a shot at Rockstar).
Kennytaur  +   886d ago
Fantastic game! But I don't know if a sequel needs Wei Shen in it. I think he's a great character and all, but it could limit the story. Perhaps the sequel should be set somewhere else too, like in Japan or China.
cleft5  +   886d ago
Loved this game, really would like to see what they could do with a sequel that has the full backing of Square Enix.
isarai  +   886d ago
Fuck YES!!!

And STFU GTA Fanboys, i love the GTA series to death, but Sleeping Dogs offered an experience like no other. The mechanics were actually fun, making fun base mechanics is something even R* forgets to do sometimes. GTA has alsways had lackluster combat mechanics, even in GTA 4 it was just a waiting game as you sit behind cover waiting for someone to peak out so you could shoot them. SD mixed things up with hand to hand that felt satisfying, bullet time gunplay that was responsive and fast paced, and chases both in car and on foot(parkour) that were full of twists turns jumps and explosions, then they took all of that and had it work together seamlessly!!

I love the GTA series to death and always will, but SD offered an experience i can't get anywhere else, an experience where i can take on 20+ guys bare handed and come out on top covered on their blood. Fucking love it
Eldyraen  +   886d ago
I would love to see a sequel as Sleeping Dogs was a big sleeper hit (saw some advertising but game took backseat to other games still).

Taking it either to another city or having a new protaginist would make the most sense due to whole undercover cop angle. Personally I'd love if they could find a way to keep Shen though as liked the character and would be interesting to run into people that "put the pieces together" and have to silence them either through triad/police means.

One thing I would like to see is more leisure/side interests. For what it was it was great and I don't want it to get bogged down with overly frivolous options but the more standard world design lacked some "coolness" factor to more open world games when left to your own devices. What I mean is the more compact, narrow streets and alleys fit the setting but just didn't leave as much room for "make your own fun" of more open designed worlds.

I don't just mean weapons as I by no means want over the top gang warfare from say GTA/SR where rocket launchers and explosives are practically commonplace but unless you went out of your way to make trouble you basically just drove around unmolested waiting to start a mission or had to walk right I top of an enemy to get them to do anything. A little stale but other than lack of "random encounters" (scripted gang spawns in alleys and parks that are not truly "aggressive" is not the same thing) it is a great game. It just would had been so much more interesting if the Triad and Police felt more real outside of missions. I still enjoyed it and some of the "random" Face missions but again they just felt too static as you had to actively seek out just about anything worthwhile.

It might sound like I was disappointed but that's not the case. I simply would like to see the next be even better and have more of a "living" world when it comes to the off-mission experience. The density wasn't bad and non combat npcs were fine but agressiveness was lacking IMO--world itself was too safe outside of set combat areas.

When you did get in a fight though it felt great ;)
ghostrider32  +   886d ago

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