5 hours of Far Cry 3 gameplay on PS3

PSX-Sense has 2 videos with 5 hours of Far Cry 3 gameplay on PS3

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BizDaWolf1519d ago

can't wait for this game

FanboyPunisher1519d ago

LOL such low res, sorry this HAS to be played on PC.
You miss too much on consoles, kinda hurts the eyes seeing all the jaggies in 2012.

BattleAxe1519d ago

I'll probably be getting this on Steam, since oddly enough it doesn't look like its being offered as a download on the PSN.

CommonSenseGamer1519d ago

I hope next gen consoles have better AA as jaggies should be a thing of the past.

FanboyPunisher1519d ago

720p doesnt help.
1080p n 8xaa should fix it up good.

MrDead1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

What’s the point complaining about things that you aren’t even going to use? Why does this version affect you so much that you feel the need to comment? Well done you for having a PC that has higher res but this vid is about the PS3 version and people are just happy to play the game. Sorry if this video has spoiled your grass blade counting and high res freckle categorization that you seem to be overly obsessed about.

Play games and stop bitching people.

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SAE1519d ago

'' Sorry, this broadcast is no longer available on , check out the channel! ''

TheSaint1519d ago

The bottom one is available still.