Interview: Peter Molyneux On Curiosity’s Failings, GODUS

RPS - Last time I spoke with Peter Molyneux, he was practically abuzz with renewed vigor. He’d left Microsoft, started his own hand-picked studio, and ascended back into the high-concept realm he so loves to call home. But reality has a way of dousing even the most excited of flames, and Molyneux knows that better than just about anyone.

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NYC_Gamer2038d ago

The dude really needs to stop over hyping his projects and let them speak for themselves

Godmars2902038d ago

Why start being sensible now?

I just hope no one waste money on his kick-starter.

NYC_Gamer2038d ago

100% agree,there is no reason why mainstream developers should start using kick-starter.I'm sure 22Cans could afford to fund their own projects with all the money Molyneux made @MS.

StraightPath2037d ago

has no one discovered whats inside the curiosity box? he claims it will be life changing lol well i will not be wasting my life and time chipping away at a virtual cube. Ill wait until someone has wasted their time and life and puts this up on youtube or somthing. Then onces its somthing really silly and too hyped up imagine the outrage.

0pie2037d ago

with so much shit comming out from his mouth i wonder if is mouth is actually his ass.