Guitar Hero Carabiner hands-on

Yeah, you know you want one. While we're rather skeptical about the "carabiner" aspects of this Guitar Hero Carabiner -- forget your keychain, we've owned cars smaller than this thing -- it certainly manages to bring enough of those Guitar Hero rock star vibes along with to make it worth the $15 (just think of it as your present to yourself for not seeing Jumper this weekend). The sound is decent for this type of handheld, and we had little trouble rocking out with the tactile buttons and cheap ass LCD, but we'd probably prefer the Verizon version of this experience just so we could hear some real songs. Video is after the break.

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doshey3746d ago

oh wow talk about some hard a$$ rocking on that bad boy/end sarcasm
that looks like it is some cheap china made product with lead paint

TrevorPhillips3746d ago

thats looks like something fun to play with lol!

LinuxGuru3746d ago

What in the name of all that is holy, is that piece of sh!T ?