What an Apple Gaming System Might Look Like

Following the news that Apple has extended its trademark protection to include "handheld gaming devices", PVG speculates on the features we can expect from an Apple gaming system, if they decide to release one.

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clinker3774d ago

If Apple made a stand-alone gaming device with touch and motion input for $200, I would definitely consider buying it.

$300, not so much.

No FanS Land3774d ago

I honestly don't think apple will ever get into the game industry, they already have a fine business with their ipods and computers. And if they make one, are they going to call it "Iplay"? Unless they see a spot between the psp and NDS so they could get market share, they won't risk that. But at the same time, another player might not be bad after all, it would force sony to improve the psp brand.

kewlkat0073774d ago

probably like a Nintendo Wii with scroll-wheel on the controllers.....

v1c1ous3774d ago

Apple's console might receive the backlash that the N-gage underwent when it debuted.

while not as severe, i don't think it would survive one generation

Archaeox3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

The iGame.
Ability to play music or videos at any time
And games such as iShoot, iBall, and iWheels
Now with touchscreen

Starting at $349.99

mintaro3774d ago

i am interested in your product, i wish to subscribe to your newsletter

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