I Signed Up For Xbox Live Ten Years Ago And All I Got Was A Lousy Avatar Helmet

FleshEatingZipper writes: We hardcore gamers sure are an insatiable bunch. We sink hundreds or thousands of dollars into our habit, show up in lines dozens of hours before our favorite products even launch, and we ask for a little bit more than an avatar helmet when Xbox Live turns ten years old. Is it too much to ask?

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MultiConsoleGamer2139d ago

I signed up 7 years ago and all I got was three defective Xbox 360 consoles.

But hey, at least they gave you something.

Leroy2139d ago

Did you try the 3 year warranty?

Anon19742139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Wasn't an option when I bought my 360. It was a 90 day warranty at first, then $170 cdn repair bill, then the warranty was extended to 1 year and after that I ended up with another rrod and another $170 cdn repair bill. At this point I opted for another $75 for a 2 year warranty given we started to figure out that something was up and I didn't want another $170 repair bill. When the warranty was extended to 3 years, it only covered rrod and not other defects as I found out when my 3rd console came back and promptly started gouging my games, and MS refused to take it back even though they just shipped it. The extended warranty came in handy then.

MS was supposed to refund repair fees back when the warranty was extended but after god knows how many hours I spent on the phone I finally had a supervisor tell me they didn't track repairs previously, had no record of my repairs and so couldn't confirm if I gave them money or not. I finally ended up having to fax them copies of my Visa statement to prove that yes, they had taken my money and 3 years after incurring the costs, they eventually cut me a check and gave me a free month of XBL.

But hey, an avatar helmet is nice too. :)

Leroy2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Raw deal. I had an error 74, they gave me a new console 3 days later. Came to my door too, didn't have to ship out anything.

kreate2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

When did MS offered that?

Edit: stealth edit from leroy

darthv722139d ago

and all i got was 10 years of live. Make that 11 as i just re-upped my sub.

konnerbllb2139d ago


They pulled a similar stunt with me. I had bought the extended warranty through MS and they said I never bought it and wanted me to pay full price for the repair. I almost did too until I was looking through my bank statements and found it on there. I had to fax it in as well. D%&$'s

Septic2138d ago

Lol why has Leroy got so many disagrees?

Ah forget you immature fanboys and this s#[email protected] I'm in Valencia. Need to be enjoying the craziness.

By the way, sorry for the off topic but can anyone recommend some crazy clubs on here. Went to superclub which, well, wasn't so super. PM me. No one speaks English here!

gaffyh2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

@Leroy - E74 has the same root cause, which is why the replaced your console. Disc scratching wouldn't be supported the same way.

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vlonjati772139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

@ multiConsoleGamer
LOL I signed in jut to give u a like.nothing against xbox.I own only ps3 & Vita.I go through any article ps3 xbox wii etc just to pass some time having fun reading comments while I have pop corn.have a nice day.
Forgot to say something-plz dont disagree with me cause I wont sleep all night /s

BlmThug2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

I've owned my Xbox 360 for nearly four years now and never had a problem with it in terms of hardware issues. Guess i'm one of the few lucky ones (!)

darthv722138d ago

in fact the whole notion of the rrod situation was blown way out of proportion by the internet.

I mean can we all agree that not all of us had the problem just like not everyone who bout a ps2 had that problem or those who bought a ps3 had the ylod.

For those that did, yeah it sucks but we should not over exaggerate things. Yes the problem existed. it has since been fixed. Just like there was a problem with the ps2 and had since been fixed. YLOD on the ps3 has since been fixed.

Stop dwelling on the negative and look at the positive like the amount of games that have been released over the course of that 10 years. Some good, some bad but overall there have been a bunch of games that appeal to different people.

Oh and to point out, yeah i have had my issue with the 360 but I dont dwell on it or let it stop me from playing games. Any gamer can tell you that if its worth playing, its worth paying. And by that it isnt monetary, it also refers to time spent. spent playing and spent waiting but ultimately no-one ever said this was a cheap hobby.

Majin-vegeta2139d ago

Hmm helmet??

*Has an image in his head* lol.

HammadTheBeast2138d ago

LoL Xbox users pay $30-$60 a year to access half their games, yet feel ripped off at getting a "Free" Avatar Helmet.

ThePsychoGamer2139d ago

I joined about 4 years ago and all I got was a bunch of great gaming experiences.

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AlphaJunk2138d ago

yeah, me too - how freaking weird! hahaha
oh and I use bing all the time and get a bunch of free MS points to use on xbox live - pretty cool too me!

stage882138d ago

Not sure if you know but you could of had those same gaming experiences on other devices for, wait for it...

Absolutely FREE!

sandman2242139d ago

You got the best online service!

Snookies122139d ago

I personally think Steam is the best online service... That's just me though.

darthv722139d ago

and from the way it has evolved it certainly looks to have taken many ideas of improvement from live.

Norrison2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

I think it's the other way around buddy. If it wasn't Steam would be full of ads, with paid online, expensive games and pretty much just a platform for watching tv programs and stuff.

I'm mainly a PC gamer, but I also own all the consoles. So without any bias I can say, paying 30-60 dollars for a service inferior to steam just to play exclusives is BS. And no, cross game chat isn't worth it you can get it on PS3 just by making a skype group with your friends on your phone/PC.

darthv722139d ago

It is more of a mutual involvement if you really look at it. I know many may not remember Steam in its infancy just like many do not remember live when it first came out.

Most would say their experience with both has been of recent times. So going back to steam, it was the part of half life 2 that you had to have in order to get updates to the game but it was nothing like it is now. Similar to how live has grown over the years.

Not sure who did the achievement thing first but I can honestly say that I never played much with steam except my time with counter strike and half life 2. I turned my attention more to consoles so you can see how my interpretation might be a bit off.

If anything it has been a mutual improvement of the services. Ideas from one to the other and so forth. Steam is now this community with an achievement system that didnt exist in my early days. Just like how the 360 and live was an achievement and community type of system and yet on the original xbox it was strictly the online and live arcade.

So no disrespect but both services have aged pretty well and look like they will continue to improve.

SITH2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Darth is right, steam took a lot from Xbox live even achievements. Steam's official release was 2003, Xbox live released November 2002. Steam didnt even have matchmaking options until 2008. It copied xbox live. Does that make the service inadequete, not at all. It does what i twas made to do for PC gsming. Xbox live does what it needs to for console and home entertainment. Copying is a sign if flattery in electronics, or patent infringement. ;) Enough said.

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