130° Jeff Bell Interview, 6 Bold Statements

The Game Reviews had an opportunity to have a hour of casual conversation with Mr. Jeff Bell of Microsoft. We talked about everything ranging from how he loves the microphone on Rock Band to how he thanks Nintendo for doing what they do. Read on for more.

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green3592d ago

what is your problem?

LightningPS33592d ago

And already we got plenty quotes from Microsoft

power of Green 3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

He's foaming at the mouth.

1.3, What is it to you?, you're a rabid PS3 fan.

Obviously MSFT feels they got something to show.

Don't read them!, you don't see me trolling every PS3 thread complaining about Sony's claims I ignor them unless they boast PS3 at the 360's expense.

green3592d ago

the ps3 dosent bother me,so i dont post in PS3 threads or comment about their exclusives.

But the reason why your so hurt and bothered about the 360 is beyond me.

Last time i checked,it hasnt taken away any of your games,it has not diminished your gaming experience with the PS3.So please,if you have nothing constructive to add here,then please dont comment.

3592d ago
kewlkat0073592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

anyone one else..

Delusion can cause amnesia..can't you just feel the hate, as if this guy stole his lunch money or something.

Not a bad Interview... He didn't crap in Nintendo either..

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ThaToNeKiiDKaBaW3592d ago

@Lorenzferus - "That's all Microsoft representatives have done this year
Make bold statements." : Says the person with a PS3 logo.. Explain to me why you read something that has to do with MS if you don't like or own a 360, please.. You know, you and every other fanboy fight more than the actual companies do.. To them it's just 'friendly' competition.

thegamereviews3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Anyone actually reading the interview?

InYourMom3592d ago

Great job on the interview. I hope to see a lot more from MS at GDC.

wageslave3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I read it. I found some of his responses a little too "high level", but I understand his position is to be direction, not production.

What comes off as aloof is actually high-level thinking.

Very insightful, thank you very much.

One thing I find very promising is his saying "download to own" at the very end.

If you get a chance again, please ask:
What is the acquisition of Danger Inc's relationship going to be with Xbox?
When can we expect to see integrate with Xbox 360? And / Or, how/when is MS going to bring the Zune music sales to XBLM and

And, please explore what he meant by this:
"Again, let the games be the escape, let that be the fantasy part. So, we will see. Now, Web 2.0 we’ve talked about. **Live 2.0 is coming. So, it will not be like the first generation. We are very proud of the blades, we think that worked (**notice this is past tense**). It **was** very innovative at the time. But you will see us evolve to make an even more assessable approachable user interface,"

This is a bombshell IMHO. It sounds like they are well on their way to replacing the Blade Interface. And... what does all that photos and photosynth talk have to do with it if anything?

If you'd have explored that part, I think you would have had a real bombshell exclusive.

power of Green 3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

The next few days are going to be intresting.

Looks like theres going to be some Project Offset activity on their website in the next few days I wonder if that has to do with GDC, comming out of the closet so to speak.

InYourMom3592d ago

I've been watching Project Offset for so long now and gave up once the forums went down. But yes, looks like over the next few days the website is getting a makeover. The time is right for this title to be announced officially and who the publisher is(MGS!!). They have been working hard on their toolset so GDC seems like the perfect place to announce the game, show off the graphics/gameplay and pimp out their engine to other developers.

wageslave3592d ago

Project Offset is a Engine Project as much as a game. I wouldnt be surprised to see some information about it at GDevelopmentC

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