How COD Zombies Takes a Toll on the Left 4 Dead Series

Everyone loves Call of Duty zombies. The zombie portion of some Call of Duty games is even more popular than the game itself. Zombies are something that people around the world took a liking too, they understand and want to get involved with zombie culture as if it is a way of life. Thousands upon thousands of products are sold because of slight references to zombies in general, not just that of Call of Duty. Once the biggest game out there capitalized on the zombie trend, players were captivated and of course addicted. This is both a good and a bad thing for the gaming industry as a whole. Players love it and the joy it brings people is of course a good aspect but Call of Duty’s affect on games that aren’t even directly competing with them ends up being a huge negative aspect.

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TheSuperior 1994d ago

Its a damn shame because COD is a super power and can mess it up for other games like LEft 4 Dead. Even though COD isnt really a zombie game it takes a toll on zombie games out there wich sucks. Black OPs II zombies looks like it is set up a lot like Left 4 Dead, and that can hurt the series. :/

Pandamobile1994d ago

I don't think COD Zombies will affect future Left 4 Dead games at all.

Detoxx1994d ago

It's like saying the guns in COD will affect Battlefield..

Cosmit1994d ago

People like to blame CoD for everything.

PopRocks3591994d ago

Valve's pretty successful. I doubt they would let something like COD zombies affect their work in any way. I men in all honesty when have they ever done something that was not THEIR way?

antz11041993d ago

Apples to oranges. I don't think they have anything to do with one another. One is focused on survival, teamwork, and mainly melee. The other is a money based shoot 'em up.

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Gr811994d ago

End up becoming a whole new game series for Activision.

Cosmit1994d ago

I hope it does. They can pull it off.

rustyspoon801994d ago

I hope it doesn't. I still love both aspect of Treyarch's games and am gald they get bundled together. It just makes the package all the more worth the money.

jjb19811994d ago

I just wish there were super zombie bosses...

OneAboveAll1994d ago

I always thought Call of Duty zombies were pretty shitty and nothing more than a tacked on game mode.

Where as L4D is a stand alone Zombie game. (A much better one at that)


Left 4 dead isn't that good of a game...

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