GT5: Yamauchi promises "global community"

Speaking in a rare interview, Polyphony Digital front man and Gran Turismo producer Kanzunori Yamauchi has promised that GT5 will provide a "global" community for fans of the game from the hugely anticipated PS3 title's "online capabilities".

"This Gran Turismo was going to be the first game produced for the PlayStation 3 hardware, so we definitely had to take the specs of the game to a whole new level, he said. "For example, we've increased the number of cars that can run in a single race. We've also worked hard to make the driving simulation more real. For instance, we've tried to give the player more control when drifting the car. Another element is the AI, the cars that you race against. It's become much more intelligent. Also, this game will have online capabilities. Even up till now, I think Gran Turismo has created a unique global community, but the users weren't really connected to each other. Now the community will really become global. This will be a big change."

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Rattles3717d ago

or some aussie v8s and ill be happy.

Skerj3717d ago

I like it, especially the things they're doing with GTTV and the racing events calendar. I saw some things on GTTV that I didn't know I wanted to see but that were awesome, like the car shows.

Aaron_V6673717d ago

This game cant come out soon enough.

Blasphemy3717d ago

It comes out April 19th.

Bill Gates3717d ago

Yeah not only that but it's being released April 19th in EU first.

darkshiz3717d ago

Watch as your racing online and one guy is drifting everywhere.

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