Square Enix Revises Earnings Forecasts Downward Due To Sluggish Sales

Revision blamed on slower than expected sales of a ”major HD” game and other factors.

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LX-General-Kaos2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

This is the reason that I believe that Final Fantasy Versus 13, and future Square releases will be multiplat offerings. Square is in a critical stage financially and can not afford to release a game of that caliber on a single platform. I expect to see FFV13 released on the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system along with the PS3. I also expect the same fate for future Square releases from 2013 and beyond. War has changed.

Square Enix was once an amazing gaming studio that heavily contributed to the forward progression of gaming. Met with positive sales, and mass profits for their hard work. In this day and age they have fallen from grace. Here is hopes that they return to the Square that we once believed in from the 1990s. Back when they delivered the type of gaming experience that the people deserved.

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Ranma12150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

I wont be surprised if FFvs13 is released on 360 or Wii U.

Or if its delayed for another 5 years, because I heard Yoichi Wada hates releasing all the good games and loves releasing bad ones instead.

BitbyDeath2150d ago

I won't be surprised if FFvs13 never sees the light of day.

izumo_lee2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

I do not believe that Kaos for one major factor. You know all to well that when Squarenix was with Nintendo releasing for that platform alone they did pretty well for themselves. When they made the move to the PSone & PS2 they also did pretty well for being on a single platform as well having their highest sales during those times.

It is not whether they are exclusive or being multiplat that they are struggling this gen, it is of their EXTREMELY poor business management & atrocious handling of game development.

There should be absolutely no way that FFvs13 has yet to be released if things were run properly. Having that game take a back seat in development for again poorly handled sequels to a sub par Final Fantasy game. They were so in denial that FF13 was mismanaged in development that their answer to the criticism was to make another game & another hoping we see past their inconsistencies.

Also the handling of Final Fantasy Type-0 is inexcusable. All other PSP Squarenix games were localized pretty quick but not a single mention on why Type-0 has yet to be localized.

So it doesn't matter if they make a game exclusive or have it multiplat cause the problem lies with the people at the top who clearly have no idea how to manage the company. Until they find a solution to this problem Squarenix will continue to struggle making games at a high level at a more consistent time frame.

GraveLord2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

The thing is that Square Enix did this to themselves.
A game like Versus should have been finished years ago and launched on PS3. There was no need for XIII-2 or the upcoming XIII-3.

Now Square Enix wonders why they are struggling as a company. What could be the reason!?

Chrono2150d ago

FFV13 would sell a lot more on PS3 in all cases.

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vortis2150d ago

Poor Sleeping Dogs...

I really, really hate the industry right now. If a game doesn't sell 4 million in its first month out it's considered a failure.

Franchises, brands and IP are held hostage where gamers are FORCED to pay up front the $60 when the game is brand new or see the series die because it wasn't moving "Call of Duty" type sales.

I used to like being able to go out and buy a game when I had the money and when I felt like buying the game, not forced to buy it or else the dev studio closes and gamers are blamed for being pirates.

Ugh, it's so sickening. I think it is time for an industry crash in the mainstream sector. We need to weed out this poor mentality of game design, it's anything but fun.

rataranian2150d ago

Sleeping DOgs isnt the reason SE is in a slump. If anything thats the ONLY game thats helped them. Cause it damn sure isnt FFXIII.

Chrono2150d ago

XIII and XIII-2 sold millions, Sleeping Dogs was a much bigger game but only sold around 1 mil, which is too low considering how much they spent on it and on the marketing.