Only One Thing Left To Do: Blend CoD With Final Fantasy

Clearly, it's what Square Enix has been dying to do. They've just been torturing us by taking these little steps along the way. Just go whole hog!

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a_bro2120d ago

i can already imagine it, 12-killstreak "ENEMY PHOENIX ABOVE!!"

nofallouthero2120d ago

actually if it was done right i think it would be fun, instead of shooting boring terrorist in brown buildings you could be shoot god dragons that call meteors from the sky to end all existences.

Godmars2902120d ago

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

Where's a blue box when you need one?

TheLyonKing2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

If they do I may actually jump off the final fantasy franchise boat.

I prefer Kingdom Hearts anyway but maybe just maybe they might do a U turn for FF 15 like they did with 9 and that is take a good look at how an old FF art style should look like on a modern day console. I found it very refreshing after playing 7 and 8 (which were both brilliant) to then play a game that was showing homage to what made the series so good.