PlayStation Plus Update: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 40% Off, PS3 Plus Bundle

Posted by Morgan Haro // Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms -

October is just about over, but before we say goodbye to this month (which brought Payday: The Heist, NFL Blitz, and King of Fighters XIII free to PS Plus members), we wanted to point out a great new PlayStation 3 Bundle only on that includes one year of PlayStation Plus.

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Godchild10202151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Seeing how this is not a Plus offer for November, I'm not to disappointed. I also wanted to pick up One Piece, but 50 dollars was not my ideal price. 30-40 dollars is more in line with the price I wanted to pay for it. Good things come to those who wait.

Discounts on season passes is what I want more of; Maybe we will see more of it, for upcoming titles or previous ones.

blackblades2151d ago

Agreed good things does come to those who wait, got alot of games for $30-40 few weeks after it's release, some people just can't be patient for few weeks.

PersonaCat2151d ago

Was debating on getting one piece last week. Good thing I didn't lol

Getowned2151d ago

I hear its a good game, I really want to get it.

PersonaCat2151d ago

Huge fan of the anime, and I'm a pretty big fan of Dynasty Warriors. I don't think I'll be to disappointed.

Getowned2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

same I love it as well, I want to know why zoro is missing an eye!! lol I don't know if they told us yet I haven't watched the last 10-11 episodes of the sub lol

admiralvic2151d ago

I am a big fan of Musou games and One Piece, but found it lacking.

A good percent of the story is missing, which include longer arcs like Skypiea and Thriller Bark. The story is pretty short, roughly 6 hours. Many side characters (like Shanks / Smoker) have no real role in the game. The post game is pretty poor, with very little to do next to other Musou games. Has one of the smallest rosters I've seen in a musou game (13) and the alternate logs are a joke (basically just playing as people where they appear in the story) and result in some characters like Boa / Whitebeard to have single episode stories. Online is limited to 2 people only, where as other Musou games have 4.

Really, I thought it was a great idea that was done right, but ultimately rushed. Too much of the story is missing if you ask me and what you get is missing many of the characters fans love. Honestly it was just missing so much that I found it lack luster in the end.

ShoryukenII2151d ago

Thank you for the warning.

hongthay2150d ago

I think they did not do too bad for a Musou game.

I do wish they would make a game to explore the story, but if they do, it would take a while. They could make a game dedicated to each arc. You are looking at more than 10 years of One Piece, so there is no possible way to cover everything in a game.

This game was made more for fans of One Piece I think. The Japanese got a sweet special edition with a book, and tags.

remanutd552151d ago

I want them to announce whats going to be psvita instant game collection

SSJBen2151d ago

One Piece getting that 40% discount for Plus members, that's great for people who are still on the fence.

But what about those who bought it day 1 just a month ago? What a kick in the face for us early adopters. The savings in $20 could have gotten me another game on the PSN.

__|__ to Sony.

GribbleGrunger2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Seriously, that's the weakest complaint I've heard in a very long time. There are many games that have appeared on PS+ for free or are discounted and it never ever crossed my mind to complain. The more you give people, the greedier they get.

blackblades2151d ago

Agreed go to the ps blog comments you'll see bout everyone of them bsing like a little 5 year old, about no free game, or something EU got and we don't, swear those people got issues.

TheRealHeisenberg2151d ago

I do agree with you, some times that is the price you pay for being an early adopter but it goes both ways. I just wish I would have subscribed to PS+ sooner because there are some great deals and freebies that I missed.

DigitalRaptor2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

If you bought it day 1, then clearly you thought it was worth it and felt that the developers deserved your money. Yeah blame Sony.. kid, it's not even a Sony game. Get a job.

SSJBen2148d ago

Yes they deserved thed $50. But that doesn't mean I don't want to save $20 as that would have gotten me Okami HD. It's not just the money, it's being a day 1 buyer means being a stupid adopter.
"Let the fans buy it first day, they will! Then we'll lower it by $20 for the others to lure the others!"
So? Your point is, not to blame Sony then? Because the game isn't made or published by them? Last I heard, Sony is the one controlling the price discounts for PS+.

admiralvic2151d ago

Shit happens.

I imported it in March for the hefty price of 100 dollars, simply because I had no faith in it coming stateside (like Saint Seiya Senki). Not only did I miss out on saving 50%, I missed out on saving 70% + the progress to 100 this month. However, you don't see me complaining. These are all risks in the end, if anything, this shows that the game is tanking and is absolutely desperate for sales.

Sephiroushin2151d ago

Sorry, but you just complained in an indirect way!

hongthay2150d ago

They hit a million in 2 months in Japan. That was the figures back in May. I don't think it did bad at all.

admiralvic2150d ago

@ Hongthay

Where did I question sales? I just said I paid more and was okay with it as he should be too...

SSJBen2148d ago

You bought the game many months ago. I bought the game exactly 1 month after it got released on the PSN (and don't get me started on paying $50 on day1 to miss out on the "spend $100 get $20 back").

Yeah, it sounds like I'm a cheapskate. I'm not afraid to admit that.

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BitbyDeath2151d ago

PS3 is $700 dollars cheaper now than it was at launch, still worth it.

Nodoze2150d ago

Yet one more reason to NEVER buy a game on day 1. In the end the publishers are only hurting themselves as they are doing it backwards. If I buy a game on day 1 I pay a premium and do not get all of the content. Instead I am asked to pay more for the DLC and other content that last gen would have been included on the disc I paid 60 bucks for.

Now for those that wait, they get a substantial discount (sometimes 50% or MORE), they also tend to get ALL of the DLC for FREE included in the remixed editions of the games (game of the year compilations etc).

Now ask yourself, why would you pay a premium to get less content? I stopped buying day 1 this generation and will NEVER do it again.

Attention publishers you are screwing yourselves!

Baka-akaB2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

That's your prerogative . Not everyone care about the dlc content to begin with , most of the time its unsignificant chunks of the game you barely have any incentive to buy , except for the A.D.D folks who gotta have it all .

Do i agree that it should even be missing in the first place ? Of course not , doesnt mean i'll miss on a game because of the (again most of the times) worst side missions and quest being sold apart .

And the other reason is that not everyone buy every games under the sun , hardly even , plenty awaits some very specific titles to play as soon as they get released .

I have a tight schedule and list of stuff to do and play , i wont be there sitting two months or one for a discount , when i dont buy games on a monthly basis .

I have missed some non essential , but still appealing games , of course i'll try getting it later on in a more complete and cheaper edition . LIke i did with uncharted 3 , wich i wanted but not high enough on my list at its release . Otherwise , first day it is .

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MrGunny942150d ago

I'm amazed to see that PLUS members are getting Crysis 2 for free, can't wait to get it, seems like PLUS is getting better and better each month