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GATT Lucius: A Developer Finally Has The Balls To Make An Evil Kid Game

GATT - GamerX: You know all those horror movies where the child is the son of the devil? Movies like I’m Not Jesus Mommy, The Omen, and many, many more. Well up until this point, there hasn’t been a game made to my recollection that allows you to play the murderous child. There have been games with the antagonist being a sadistic child, however this is the first game I have come across where you play the evil child as the protagonist, sacrificing people to your father, Satan – who also plays a major role in the game. I would chalk this up to developers being afraid to push the envelope on what a game can be, however Shiver Games and Lace Mamba Digital decided it was time to do some very evil things. And I applaud them very much for not holding back, and basically letting the evil ride out against the goodness. (Lucius, PC) 7.9/10

Jio  +   982d ago
My main complaint about this game is that there is very little room for creativity. There's practically only one way to kill your objective, and while you may feel like you've found a unique way to kill, it's actually the way every other player has done it. It limits the replayability of the game by doing so, other than that the game is pretty fun.
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nofallouthero  +   982d ago
i liked the premise

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