Open Windows, closed platform?

Sean Knight has lots of questions when it comes to Windows 8. Will the closed platform of Microsoft's Windows Store be an aid or a hindrance?

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guitar_nerd_232089d ago

I think it's total balls Xbox Live is pretty much built into the new Windows, I won't be upgrading any time soon.

I've been playing with them at work and it's really disjointed the start screen is cack with a mouse and the desktop mode is cack with your fingers- it doesn't know what it wants to be!

Sharodan2089d ago

I've taken the stance that I'll be waiting at least a couple of months to see what comes of Windows 8. If what you say is true about the new UI being bad for mouse control, I might hold off longer.

guitar_nerd_232089d ago

Like don't get me wrong it can be done but it's just not what it was designed for and it shows.

The best thing I have to say about it is that it might lead to a lot of interesting 3rd party window managers and app launchers. KDE or good ol' reliable but simple Gnome for windows could be cool.

Snookies122089d ago

Agreed, I'm staying with Windows 7.

caseh2089d ago

Just hold off until it gets its first SP. thats the way a lot of companies I have contracted for tend to do things.

Let everyone else figure out what the known issues are then review it once the first SP is released. :)

mcstorm2089d ago

What people seem to be missing about windows 8 is that the mouse and Keyoard on new devices have built in geusters to be used with the windows 8 new UI so this makes it very simple to use and I have now been using the new OS on my 3 year old laptop for work for a few months now from Preview to final release and I am yet to find any software that dose not work and I now find windows 8 better to use than windows 7.

You pin what you use the most to the start screen and the rest you just type in the search like you did in the search on Windows 7.

Also right clicking on the bottom left had corner gives you lots of options and settings to use that were in Windows 7.

Windows 8 is not for everyone just like Windows 7 was not but I am defo not looking back as my laptop is faster to use, the OS is faster to get around and open things than 7 (once you pickup how it works) Plus I don't have any issues with games, Devices or software that I have used on my pc for years.

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acidbrn2089d ago

At only $39, I went ahead and purchased a copy. Better buy cheap now than have to pay out the ass later. From what I have seen and messed around with it does take some getting used to, but overall I think it works fairly well once you have become accustomed to how it operates. Whether or not that equates to a good experience daily, I suppose I'll find out soon enough.

TheKayle2089d ago

ppl been always scared and will be always scared of new i dont care windows 8 share windows 7 kernel that is one of the most strong on the market so will be a good os

Knight_Crawler2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

This is part of human nature...the person who wrote this article is probably in his late 20's.

I am 29 and I remember be angry about cell phones going touch screen and video games going CD instead of catridge becasue CD get scrtached so easy.

W8 will be the standard for the younger generation as windows 95 was a the standard for my generation...this is where we can be like our parents and grand parents and keep talking about how the old days are missed and everything was much simpler or we can adapt and move on with technology who waits for no man.

The good news is that you do not have to upgrade ever and 10 years from now you can still use your W7 if you want to - MS is moving forward and they will not go back to the W7 style.

dragunrising2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Well said. Im 27 but have been pretty adaptible to changes in technology. I welcomed touch screen phones- my first was the Verizon BlackBerry Storm. The touch tech was half backed but I loved it until the OG Droid came out. The phone had a slide out keyboard yet I hardly used it!

I for one haven't ever cared for cartridges. In fact I prefer digital distribution to physical media.

As to Windows 8, its been a joy to use. I suppose I wanted to offer a counterpoint to the idea that older people complain when new "stuff" comes out :-)I would add that most people are generally resistant to change regardless of age.

TheKayle2088d ago

yeah i know what u mean :) im 35 and i did from ms dos to ibm os2 from windows 3.0 to windows 7 (all the versions) ...and yes is just a generation things....anyway...w8 will run games as w7 do ppl need to understand just this

SeanDKnight2088d ago

I've never thought my age has had anything to do with my opinion. :)

I have always been open to change so long as I think it is good. I was happy when cell phones went to touch screen. I was ecstatic when expensive cartridges were dropped in favor of CDs (which allowed games to be cheaper). I was, and still am, a supporter of Kinect although I believe that Microsoft dropped the ball on that.

I understand what Microsoft is trying to accomplish. However I'm just not going to jump for joy. Not when it appears that they are preparing to close things off. But that is why I am taking a wait and see approach at this time.

But you make some interesting points yet, for all we know, W8 could turn out to be the next Vista.


Zichu2089d ago

If I were to get this, I would probably dual boot it. I wouldn't give up W7 until I am truly ready for it. Either that, or I just get a W8 tablet or something.

I would like to try it, but I don't want to move away from W7, I really like W7 at the moment.

thequadskater2083d ago

Stop being so young Sean. It makes your opinion stupid. I joke.