Danger Close and DICE Should Stick To One Game "Danger Close makes absolutely outstanding single player experiences, and DICE makes amazing online experiences. When you combine the two you should get one hell of a game. So the question is, would EA be willing to put an emphasis on the best game ever made, or will they always stick to what makes more money? Of course releasing two games to millions in sales a year will mean more money, and the quality would be my idea, one game."

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TheGrimOfDeath2118d ago ShowReplies(2)
da_2pacalypse2118d ago

Seeing as how Dice can make awesome MP, and they made BF BC and Mirror's edge... they don't need help from Danger Close...

pandehz2117d ago

Exactly, dice make good single player games.

Mirrors Edge is a masterpiece.

gcolley2117d ago

DICE make good SP games when EA keep their noses out of them.

wastedcells2118d ago

They should come together or danger close should move on from current day war games and do something else. Maybe a science fiction shooter like in the mass effect world or something. As long as they don't f it up. Give them a full 3 years to make their next game.

DeadlyFire2117d ago

At least 2 years. 3 would be amazing though. I think EA is afraid of having a gap in their shelf space though. At least they have Respawn's game for 2013/2014 right?