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Medal of Honor: What happened to the series?

596d ago - Unfinished buggy games, games no longer being supported because the developers have moved on or c... | PC

EA won't confirm whether Danger Close is still open

864d ago - EA has refused to confirm whether Medal of Honor: Warfighter developer Danger Close Games has bee... | PC

Check What PC Games are Coming Out in August

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Friendly Fire Cast 006: Medal of Honor retired & the PlayStation Plus junkie

934d ago - Ben and Leo brave drowning on a classic Melbourne summer’s day to bring you episode six of the Fr... | PS3

Medal of Honor Warfighter: Can the new patch bring the game back from the dead?

986d ago - In this short video iRageX gives his opinion on whether the new patch and new DLC can revitalize... | PC

How to Make MoH Better; an Open Letter to Danger Close

1018d ago - Sticky Trigger writes; "Now I often believe that when it comes to criticism, regardless of the me... | PC

Danger Close and DICE Should Stick To One Game

1036d ago - PushStartSelect.com "Danger Close makes absolutely outstanding single player experiences, and DIC... | PC

"Medal of Honor Warfighter" producer on authenticity and avoiding the glorification of war

1036d ago - Complex had the chance to chat with the game's Lead Multiplayer Producer Kristoffer Bergqvist abo... | PC

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Interview

1046d ago - An interview with with Elisabetta Silli, senior level designer at Danger Close. | PC

MP Lead Producer Hoffe Bergqvist on MoH: Warfighter multiplayer

1050d ago - Interviewer Nicholas Simonovski writes, "Last week we were invited to EA Australia HQ to sit down... | PC

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Beta - EA's Missed Opportunity

1052d ago - NowGamer: With Black Ops 2 on the way, EA had a chance to do some early damage with the Medal Of... | Xbox 360

How to get into the Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta Right Now

1056d ago - How to get into the beta the easy way and start playing now. | Xbox 360

Friendly Fire: Danger Close on the threat MoH: Warfighter faces from Battlefield 3

1057d ago - The annual shooter showdown is almost upon this, but this year, Medal of Honor faces a threat fro... | PC

Bin Laden DLC, Appropriate? Medal of Honor Warfighter and Zero Dark Thirty Tie In

1071d ago - In this 13 minute audio clip ZitterZap, NOVAxDRAGON and teal_c1966 discuss whether a Bin Laden Hu... | PC

SEAL from Bin Laden Raid is a ‘Medal of Honor: Warfighter’ Consultant

1098d ago - If you’re making a military first-person shooter that’s enamored with authenticity, one like Meda... | PC

EA's Core Strategy: Tech, Teams, Brands

1165d ago - At Electronic Arts' EA Games label, Patrick Soderlund runs the show. It's within his business tha... | PC

EA Releases Extended Version of Medal of Honor: Warfighter Trailer

1175d ago - If you watched EA’s Press Conference at E3, you probably so the high octane action of Medal of Ho... | PC

DualShockers | E3 2012: Hands-On Preview: Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Multiplayer

1175d ago - David Rodriguez writes, "It seems that the developers of Medal of Honor: Warfighter are trying ve... | PC

Electronic Arts E3 2012 Company Spotlight

1186d ago - EA always has a big E3. As arguably the number one publisher in the industry, Electronic Arts... | PC

"We seperate ourselves by not trying to keep up with the Joneses": Danger Close on Warfighter

1191d ago - Danger Close's upcoming Medal of Honor: Warfighter title may look like another military shooter,... | PC

Combat Fatigue: The Beginning of the End

1211d ago - IGN: "First-person shooters sell like crazy, so there's not really a strong demand for anythin... | Culture


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Why Medal of Honor Warfighter fails to excite us

1222d ago - Don’t get me wrong - the new gameplay trailer for Danger Close’s new blockbuster title looks exce... | PC

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter – Making The Same Mistakes?

1256d ago - 360 Mag: Medal Of Honor: Warfighter is building on its Danger Close’s ‘realistic’ original, but c... | PC

5 Things We Want From ‘Medal of Honor: Warfighter’

1275d ago - With ‘Medal of Honor: Warfighter’ confirmed for release this fall, we list a few key ingredients... | PC

EA: "Battlefield and MOH games in annual rotation"

1542d ago - Develop-online writes: Two EA studios will alternate war-shooter releases each year in a new figh... | PC

Medal Of Honor Dev Using Frostbite 2 For New FPS

1639d ago - NowGamer: Danger Close is hiring for an unannounced FPS which will be powered by the Frostbite 2... | PC
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