The XCOM field commander’s tactical guide to Enemy Unknown

GamesBeat's Rob Savillo writes: So your Skyranger troop transport just came back empty. The Nigerian government reported alien activity in the city of Lagos, where you unsuccessfully engaged groups of surgically enhanced flying creatures and four-legged bugs that made quick meals of your solders and, oh yeah, turned them into zombies. You were using cover, right? Overlapping fields of fire? No?

All right, wipe that blank stare off your face because I’m here to take you through XCOM boot camp. Within, we’ll cover the basics, soldier ability progression, and tactical maneuvers. I’ll have you scraping Martian scum off the bottom of your shoes in no time flat.

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Tolkoto2044d ago

Still need to try this demo.

Perjoss2044d ago

The demo is actually really bad compared to the full game. The demo shows practically nothing apart from a very basic version of the combat and the simplest of introductions to your base.

Full game is just amazing though.

deantak2044d ago

on my to-do list to play this game.

crazytown992044d ago

That's pretty comprehensive. Wow.

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