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Xbox 360 dashboard update showing up on certain consoles today

Plenty of Xbox Live Gold users have been involved in the most recent beta for the 2012 dashboard update, but the final version of the upgrade will begin rolling out today. Instead of unleashing the update all at once, Microsoft will be gradually giving subscribers access in multiple regions over the next week. Three million consoles will be reached worldwide in the first wave, with everyone else seeing the new features in the coming weeks. (Microsoft, Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE)

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The Meerkat  +   1092d ago
Its nice to see that France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Austria, New Zealand, Switzerland and Ireland will be getting voice search.

But when will there be an update that allows my 360 to understand my Scottish accent?
Knight_Crawler   1092d ago | Offensive
Crazay  +   1092d ago
I've been on the Beta for the new update for a while now - It's not bad...it's certainly not great though. I don't know if this is just a Beta issue but so far I've found that every time MS releases an update for the Beta, ALL installed apps need to be reinstalled and that's more than a little inconvenient.
r1sh12  +   1092d ago
Yea I think that was an issue with the beta.
My bro has the beta too, and he said the same thing.
Usually when you open an app, it will prompt an update.
I dunno yet though, will have to wait and see once the dashboard update is live for everyone.

The main features Im looking forward to, smart glass and the xbox music, i mean the music is free with ads every 15 mins which I can accept.
Smart glass to surf the web with my console seems pretty good too, I dont know what MS are going to do about flash, but I assume they will follow apple.
Flash looks to be something for desktops and laptops, which is a shame.
I will say that recent updates to flash have not made it any better. A few times I sort of hangs on both my PC's
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TheBrit  +   1092d ago
Remember, the "Free with Ads" is for windows 8 computers and tablets - NOT for the xbox as far as I am aware, Xbox is $10 a month.
Crazay  +   1091d ago
I didn't realize the music service was free with ads every 15 minutes. I just assumed it was a fully paid service so I never even looked at it. Smart Glass is going to be pretty neat but I suspect more gimmicky for the first while
ALLWRONG  +   1091d ago
$10 a month?
r1sh12  +   1091d ago
@TheBrit - Im sure its for xbox first.

@Crazay - Its MS smart glass is likely going to be fully functional, im sure using it as a keyboard will be working as soon as the app is released.
The add on for games probably depends on the game publisher
Mkai28  +   1092d ago
Then this dash update is not for gamers, but for casuals? I can wait.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1092d ago
im in the beta, you honestly cant tell the difference between old and new other than pins on the homescreen and the internet explorer which works very very well except the lack of flash support
LtSkittles  +   1092d ago
Which is odd, since they promote websites with flash elements. Other then flash missing it feels like internet browser for PC. I like it, but I will never use IE on a PC.
negative  +   1092d ago
Don't be a dbag
TekoIie  +   1092d ago
Oooh I'm liking it so far :)

Web browser is very welcome but that new pinning system is VERY helpful to access things quickly! Many times I have spent a few mins going to quickplay to find a game and then realising I have to go to the "my games" tab instead.

This update is greatly appreciated :D
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GreenRanger  +   1092d ago
How do i find out if the update is available?
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GreenRanger  +   1092d ago
Nevermind, i found out how.
You just have to turn your 360 on--took me hours to figure it out.
TheBrit  +   1092d ago
Sign into xbox live.
Mkai28  +   1092d ago
That's for some ppl, I however have not received an update.
The_Infected  +   1091d ago
I like Xbox music but it's running painfully slow right now and locking up lots. Maybe its because the roll out.
Tres21  +   1091d ago
dont kno why i had 2 come here 4 my 1st website visit tried 2 update my other system didnt work but hey 1 out of 2 explorert aint that bad

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