Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 - Exclusive Info Right from the Studio Floor

Gameplayer traveled to Ubisoft's Montreal Studio to get a behind-closed-doors look at upcoming Tom Clancy sequel Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. The article includes a bunch of screenshots, as well as an in-depth look at the new gameplay mechanics.

"Mexican gangsters are wrecking havoc in Sin City"

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paracardium3687d ago

dev's couldn't even patch the first one let alone do anything right with this one. I'm not getting this for there lousy support.

SlappingOysters3687d ago

I must admit, it does look like Ubi are concentrating on EndWar, Air Combat and Assassin's now...

SlappingOysters3687d ago

The things that really bugged me in the original was the fact you couldn't play through the story in co-op proper, just the levels at random. Stupid! For me that would have made it superior to Gears

Sounds like they fixed if for this one, which is good. No we'll just have to wait on the Gears 2 announcement at GDC to see what it brings to the table.