Games with Gold July 2016 Lineup Partially Leaked

A new leaks shows us 3 of the 4 games that will be featured in the Games with Gold lineup for July 2016.

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Majin-vegeta819d ago

This is the same site that daid RDR was coming this month xD.

Monster_Tard818d ago (Edited 818d ago )

No this is the guy that leaked the 2nd set of supposed GWG games, which turned out to be true.

817d ago
Kemo_Spear817d ago

This is the site that got it 100% wrong last month.
Ill just leave this right here as a reminder.

Monster_Tard817d ago

The site covered 2 separate rumors, the 1st was wrong and 2nd turned out to be right. The 2nd batch of supposed games came from a twitter user named "ekim" and his leak was real, ekim is also the source for these current supposed leaks.

GearSkiN818d ago

all leak is always wrong

TheColbertinator818d ago

Banner Saga 2 this soon would be nice

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The story is too old to be commented.