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Gamer Limit: "XCOM: Enemy Unknown is challenging, satisfying, and heartbreaking. It’s also one of the best strategy games this generation, and potentially of all time. If you’re itching for a game that will either last you a long time, or challenge both your mind and your fortitude, this is it."

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Trenta272052d ago

So far my favorite game of the year. That's saying something because I have played just about all of the major games this year. Only thing I think will top it in my book is AC3.

caseh2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

X-COM brings back some of the depth seen in the original game which has been lacking in turn-based strategy games for YEARS. Its nice to see, as good a game as Valkyria Chronicles was, in comparison to the X-COM series its like comparing snakes & ladders to chess.

kostchtchie_2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

nice looking game, some good game play in it, but also a lot of problems in it


Great looking game, art style and way character move blend with world

Character Leveling system is cool, could be bit deeper and more varied, but is still neat, some my players were maxed out rank by 2nd month

Love the maps and mission and ships layouts

Loved the tactics of the game, although for some reason in my game play flanking them never seemed to work that great

Base was pretty basic along with the ant hive thing, prefer the original x-com setup more, but i still liked the whole command thing, and the Npc dialogue


Players in original only lost moral if other players died, in this version they get shot once they brick a load and start crying on the spot, pretty pathetic and cheap really

PC map grid has some issues with mapping and some places not being movable on, not surprising its port

Ships and buildings are nightmare when entering, the game cannot make up its mind if want be outside or inside

Players Health and Gear needs to be brought more in line with mid - end game Elite mobs, start of the game needs made tiny bit harder

Line of Sight needs major overhaul, to many shots i done and the alien done were like wtf did that really happen, was that even possible

No alien panic is lame

Aliens when spotted for the first time on the map, getting free moves into position and movement on players location

Overall not bad game 7.5/10 for me, not as fun as the original but still nice game to play and enjoy

bumnut2052d ago

My only complaint so far is the fact that you have to remove grenades to add researched body armour, why not just replace the current body armour!

kostchtchie_2051d ago

that is an enhanced add-on armor, also support class get 2 slots so you can use extra armor + frags, its better just upgrade your proper armor instead rather than the add-on

bumnut2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Thanks, I have got a little further now and have good replacement armour. Also got a bad ass laser rifle!

complaint is now void :)

caseh2051d ago

I've only played through one or two missions but didn't like the fact that action points have been removed entirely. I'm old school and was raised on the likes of Jagged Alliance and X-COM and liked the strategy that utilising your action points wisely brought to the game.

Won't judge it unfairly until i've played it properly but its unlikely i'll be as fond of this remake as I was of the original.