Playing It Properly

Ed writes:

"I'm writing this to keep me sane. Earlier this evening, I fired up my PS3 and started a new game of Heavy Rain. After five minutes or so, my girlfriend looked up and saw me playing with my virtual kids, and kissing my virtual wife. Surprised by the gunlessness of it all, she put down her laptop and asked if she could have a go. Now here we are, hours later, and we still haven't swapped back."

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BitbyDeath1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Good read.
Heavy Rain is a brilliant game, hope we get a lot more similar titles in future.

Can't wait for Beyond Two Souls and Until Dawn to come out.

I need my interactive adventure fix.

SolidGear31926d ago

Totally agree! Heavy Rain is a masterpiece. Quantic Dream are my favorite developers and Ellen Page is my favorite actress so when BEYOND was revealed, I obviously nerdgasmed :)

Cam9771926d ago

Amazing game! I sold it but can say that it's a fantastic game!

GrumpyOla1926d ago

I still don't get why Ethan was waking up after a blackout with an origami figure in his hand.

SolidGear31926d ago

That is the one plot hole I didn't understand either

leahcim1926d ago

masterpiece = Heavy Rain