GamesBeat: Dishonored lets you take sweet, sweet revenge (review)

Dishonored nails the Thief-style gameplay while missing the BioShock-quality story that would’ve elevated it into something truly special. It’ll have to settle for amazingly cool instead. The impressive depth, range, and balance earn this one an easy recommendation despite a few hiccups and one dreary, excessively long level. Gamers who don’t feel the need for repeat plays might not get their money’s worth, but for me, one spin through Dunwall wasn’t enough. The care and imagination that went into Dishonored makes each return visit worthwhile.

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JeffGrubb1719d ago

Hmm, I might wait for a discount. It sounds dope, though.

NagaSotuva1719d ago

Definitely adding it to my GameFly queue.

SybaRat1719d ago

Any game where you stab people through the neck and control satanic magic gets my money.

darkronin2291719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

It's gonna be tough to decide between this and X-COM...

wastedcells1719d ago

Tuff call two very different games. Xcom will probably drop down 20 bucks before Xmas.

majiebeast1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

I guess the embargo has lifted. I just ordered mine 31euro's for the pc version is a steal.

wastedcells1719d ago

Cool gonna Check out the web for more reviews. Not gonna read them tho just check the scores. Want to go in fresh since it drops in a day. Especially since its a new IP. Going in with only having seen the E3 coverage.

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The story is too old to be commented.