Capcom comments on the mixed reviews for Resident Evil 6

Capcom’s Christian Svensson has issued a small comment in regards to the mixed reviews for the recently-released multiplatform title, Resident Evil 6.

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Stuart57562085d ago

He would never man-up and and admit to been disappointed would he! Or admit that they could have done a better job with the game.


Zeixama2085d ago

Why is Svensson replying? Was he in the team who produced RE6 directly? He is a middle-man. He should send all reviews with low scores about RE6 to Capcom Japan for feedback on their faces, of course the translated version. Guess they don't know English; that's why they can not learn from mistakes, effectively. A bad video game franchise can sell millions, but not forever. Time is the master of change.

Baka-akaB2085d ago

Uh ? it's his job to respond he's a PR spokeperson .

adorie2084d ago

Anyone smart enough, here, on this site knows PR is mostly hot-air. I'd rather hear what the developers have to say. Not a corporate mouth piece with no real opinion.

Campy da Camper2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

The problem is the casual market is not hardcore. Us lifers (39 years old started out on Pong, yes Pong) have such an attachment to the games we grew up on that any change in the formula sends us raging.

We are officially the old guys standing in the yard in nothing but old man underwear screaming at the "youngins" to turn that crap music down. It is the same with anything, really. I stop on some of the cartoons they play on Saturday and am appalled. I think back to He-Man, Batman, Scooby Doo, Hall of Justice it's Sponge Bob Square Pants.

MaxXAttaxX2084d ago

"I suppose the warm reception Resident Evil Revelations received from critics and gamers said nothing to Capcom. However the sales of ORC did."


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Thatguy-3102085d ago

Mixed? the majority of them are bad.

AdmiralSnake2085d ago

According to metacritic, you're wrong.

Currently viewing it, 21 Positive reviews, 18 mixed and 4 bad reviews.

So excuse me good sir, where did you get your information from ?

I never realize out of 43 reviewers.... 4 bad reviews = the majority... LMFAOOO...

Iceman X2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Hmm if you call 50-70 mixed??? i called that bad, and yes there about 20 of them 50-70. So let's see about 21, 80-100 then about 18, 50-70 then you got 4, 0-40. That's pretty bad. This guy called 50-70 review of a game mixed LMAO, we call that BAD.

Hicken2085d ago

What's the point in having a scale if you're only going to use half of it?

A 50/100, 5/10 or however else you want to put it is middle of the road, mediocre, and average. Yes, it's bad when compared to that 10 or that 100, but it's not when compared to a 1. Since both ends of the spectrum are on the scale, you can't just ignore one end and say "Even though the scale goes THIS far, only THIS half of it counts." May as well just use 1-5 (or 1-50) in that case.

Average is not bad. May not be worth the current asking price. May be only worth a rental. May be a title that could have been a WHOLE lot better. But it's not bad.

adorie2084d ago

People still use meta critic to gauge a good game?

That sound is garbage.

cooperdnizzle2084d ago


Um. 50% is bad, go up to your teacher and say "Hey i got 50% I'm right in the middle you can't forget about the other side of the scale" Any good school system wants you to have 79% Or better, that to me and most Americans should be what passes for good. 78% does not cut it. And to be a good game you should be well above that. Most deves these days are lazy corporate butts

Tainted Gene2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

@ hickens

Tell that to all elementary and secondary schools... even college for that matter.

0%---59% is an "E" aka Fail

Thats just how it is 70-79% is what is considered average in gaming (supposedly) and in school because 70s is the median were game scores typically fall.

edit: I didn't refresh my browser and missed cooperdnizzle's post

RockmanII72084d ago

@hicken That's the major problem with game reviews nowadays, but that is because journalists give bad games a 5/10 and average games a 7.5/10 so people using scores have to follow that suite. If not, we'll say bad games are games with 3/10 scores and average games are games with 5/10, but since reviews give bad games the 5/10 then we would be saying that bad games are average and no bad games exist.

DarkHeroZX2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )


Admiral your missing the point. The fact is for a big title to have an average Metascore of only 66 is terrible. Yes there are some very positive reviews but Those mix and 4 negatives put it in the bad category.

Its offical, Capcom is the new Sega.

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geddesmond2085d ago

Thats how dudes in his position are supposed to reply. They can't come out and say. All those sites giving RE6 bad reviews are assholes because those sites will just write bad articles about Capcom. He has to be humble about it.

showtimefolks2085d ago

If resident evil does actually sell 7 million like capcom expects Than I would loose a lot of hope in gaming community being able to step up and raise their concerns as one voice. Speak with your wallets don't buy this game new buy it used give your money to GameStop or someone in eBay or craiglist rather Han capcom.

People always hate on EA but atleast they have great partners programs where the developer can keep their IP and atleast they make efforts with some new IP and take SE risks. And hate EA all you want but most of their games are quality titles

Capco. To me has fallen the most this gen, coming from a caring about gamers and their games last gen to now only caring about making sequels after sequels and charging for on disk dlc or every character or skin in a fighting game. I know right now capcom is still worth over a billion but if but if they keep this up I think within next 5 years a bigger publisher will buy them out

Capcom is heading the THQ way and just look at THQ over the last 6 months. Hopefully like THQ capcom will open their damn eyes and realize to change before its too late



CDzNutts2085d ago

Heavy Rain is one of the best games I've ever played.

Vortex3D2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

That's how I do it on games I don't fully agree.

Wait for a price drop.
(I don't always buy used anymore because of contents locked)
If I completely disagree, then skip it all together.

That's the thing I don't understand about fans, why force yourself and waste your money into buying games that you don't agree with. Remember, nothing is more powerful than when the game sales drop. That will get the publisher to hear your complains. Somehow too many fans still think they are going to pay full $60 and then complain. Wrong method.

I have several online friends that all have bought RE6 but I haven't. Even they asked me to buy the game now so that we can play together, my answer is I'm going to wait until the price drop first. (After played the demo, I didn't quite like everything they did to the game).

aquamala2085d ago

about 3 hours in, really enjoyed it so far. beautiful looking game.

reviews that say it's a 4/5/6 out of 10 is just trolling for hits.

Sevir2084d ago

At just 3 hours into Leon's campaign its already a solid 8.5. I don't like how almost everything has Case sensitive button prompts but I'm getting use to it. I think they looked too much at Uncharted. Uncharted had just the right amount, perfect balance but this has way too many in trying to be cinematic. But I like it. It's pretty good so far.

ShaunCameron2084d ago

I just finished the Jake campaign. It has its flaws such as the overabundance of QTE's and weird camera angles, but overall it's a cool game. A solid 7 to 8 out of 10.

showtimefolks2084d ago

instead of trying to please everyone with 4 different campaigns how about just have one 8-10 hrs campaign but make it much better and make it less QTE

I mean i love heavy rain and asura wrath but those games were built around that while RE series doesn't need QTE

legionsoup2084d ago

Since when is a message board Just wow.

Muffins12232084d ago

some people are just stuck in the past..just because its not the same as the old ones does not mean its bad.

Gamerpeanuts2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

I played the demo and it was clear to me, the videogame I grew up with, that would keep me up at night had been ruined, after stomaching RE5 and ORC, I was done...mainly, the gun-slinging zombies did it for me...I like you Capcom for making Resident Evil. Sadly you would be the one to ruin it for me too.

Arcanine2084d ago

Good im glad that even Capcom has noticed how upset We (the fans) are . they need to apologize on their behalf and earn are money and respect. they have been rushing projects, ignoring our feeling, and giving out incomplete games for DLC purposes.... WEll WE WONT STAND FOR IT ANYMORE WE WILL FIGHT BACK WITH OUR WALLETS... WE WILL SUCCEED... I HAD A DREAM THAT ONE DAY OUR WALLETS WILL NOT BE TOYED WITH.!!!!!!!

drizzom2084d ago

I can agree with your sentiments but you need to stop being so goddamned dramatic about it.

Arcanine2084d ago

im good very calm bro im doing my hw and being online felt like being an a$$ and being funny, yes i was going for dramatic lol

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ritsuka6662085d ago

The only thing which needs to be said about this game.

I am disappointed in Capcom, severely disappointed.... -__-

Information Minister2085d ago

You're not the only one. Have you seen the user score for this game on metacritic? Ouch!

TheLyonKing2085d ago

As gametrailers said it is a great action game but RE is really a shell of it's former self they way the direction is going they should re-name the game cause it sure isn't RE.

The biggest scare in the game is finding out you bought action and not survival horror.

FOXDIE2085d ago

I am glad that I have not bought a single game from Crapcom ever since Street fighter 4, which I really regret.

Oh well, lesson learned!

IWentBrokeForGaming2085d ago

This game being such an EPIC FAIL will FINALLY get this franchise the MUCH NEEDED attention that all the OLD SCHOOL fans have been hoping for all this time... hopefully!

...and especially if it can last out of this hole it has been in!

AsheXII2085d ago

The problem is people havent been asking for old school, they have been asking for RE4 style of action game.

IWentBrokeForGaming2085d ago

My problem is that there are other zombie action franchises out there... this WAS a zombie SURVIVAL HORROR franchise!

I view this franchise for instance like coffee!

I used to get coffee all the time...
Then I bought coffee (RE5) one day, and it was awful...
Thinking the coffee (RE5) was a fluke I went back for coffee again (rented Racoon City)... IT WAS AWFUL...
I've had enough AWFUL coffee (RE) to now admit Im no longer going to that place to get more coffee!

Playing RE6 isn't needed to know it's just another one of the furthest from original concept games that exists...

But the people who are giving this game bad reviews are paid to do so (is what some people are claiming on here). Insted of accepting that people genuinely aren't impressed with this franchise anymore!

Philoctetes2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

RE4 is exactly should have been the new normal for this franchise. Old-school survival horror is a small niche market, but RE4 and Dead Space showed that there's a large market out there for horror-based action games.

If you think about what RE4 and Dead Space did that made them successful, you think about great atmosphere, excellent pacing, tension, and good game mechanics (RE4's controls are dated now, but they were good at the time).

RE5 had none of that. Instead it had forced co-op and zombies on motorcycles. It sounds like RE6 is even worse.

In other words, Capcom doesn't even seem to understand what made RE4 a great game, with the result being that they moved away from all the stuff that worked and added stuff, like co-op, that made the game worse. If they were deliberately trying to ruin the franchise, they would have made roughly the same decisions.

ravinash2085d ago

Thanks IWentBrokeForGaming, I now have a craving for coffee.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2084d ago


"but RE4 and Dead Space showed that there's a large market out there for horror-based action games. "

You said it yourself. Horror-based action games. Wanna know what's missing in RE6? The HORROR aspect. Which frankly is what made the series appealing in the first place.

cpayne932084d ago

RE4 was still survival horror, RE5 was just an action game.

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ChronoJoe2085d ago

Most of the reviews complain about things like controls and slow-pacing, zombie killing etc. Not that the game is not 'old school'.

Supposedly the plots pretty incoherant as well. In all likelyhood this is probably the last 'regular' resident evil game were likely to see. I imagine future iterations in response to reviews will be much more focused on the action and co-operative aspects like RE5, and much less on horror like 4 or previous. R6 seemed to take a sort of middle-ground and as a result upset fans of both the old and new-school resident evil, hence the mediocre critical reception.

FOXDIE2085d ago

Thats some expensive Coffee your buying !

bubblebeam2085d ago

To quote Albert Wesker from Resident Evil 5..... Ahem.

"Seven minutes. Seven minutes is all I can spare to play with you."

Oooh, even found it;

Don't mean to hate on RE, but could have been much better.
I hope this series can find new light next gen, and succeed where some of these later ones have failed.

BigBoss19642085d ago

Capcom heads must be throwing a fit at their development team XD

SeekDev2084d ago

I doubt it's the dev teams fault, it's probably Capcom themselves who pushed for the bad elements of RE6 ('splosions!), and the dev team who had to go along with it. Either way, Capcom's still going to give them a mouthful of bad words.